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Original Bonus Goal: $75  Most Recent Monthly Patreon: $94.  One Patreon fueled bonus chapter 94 – 75 = 19 left over.

Current Bonus Chapters earned 1. Left over from Monthly Patreon: 19. Donations received so far: 10. Total: 29. Amount before next bonus: 46

Current Mini-Interludes On Deck:  1:  Lincoln’s Crossroads/Fossor/supernatural events investigation – 3000 words 2: Lincoln, Senny, and Twister discussing the truth about everything – 3000 words. 3: Calafia & Ruthers – 1500 words. 4: Miranda interlude not focused on Flick –  1500 words. 

Would you like to hear how you can get even more chapters per week to read? Well, all right then. See, here’s the deal. This story will always update Mondays and Fridays by Six pm Mountain time. That’s a given, barring extenuating circumstances.

But if you would like a third update in the week, a Wednesday update, all we have to do is hit certain donation amounts. That donation amount, for the moment, is 75 dollars. That’s right, every time we hit 75 dollars in donations, there will be an extra chapter on the following Wednesday.  I will keep this page up to date with the current donation target and what’s been received so far. And to be clear, the amount donated toward that bonus goal does not reset every week. Until the goal is reached, donations will continue to add up regardless of how long that takes. Once the donation goal is reached, that amount will be deducted from the current bonus total, the bonus chapter will be written, and whatever donation amount is left will be added toward the next bonus.

How does Patreon factor into this? Well, every month I will add up the funds we get from Patreon and for every 75 dollars we hit, there will be a guaranteed bonus chapter at some point in the month. Any funds over that will be subtracted from the amount needed for another bonus chapter. For example, at 90 dollars, we subtracted 75 and get a guaranteed bonus chapter at some point that month. That leaves us with 15, which we subtract from 75, getting 60 dollars before the next bonus chapter that month.

Due to the fact that funds from Patreon are not actually received until the month cycles over, bonus chapters from it will be calculated at the beginning of each month, after those funds are actually paid out.

If you do donate via either Patreon or Paypal, please send an e-mail to with DONATOR in the subject line so that I can add you to an e-mail list to keep you updated on things you can vote on for the story and anything else that strikes my fancy. Please include whether you are a patreon donator or a paypal donator, the amount you sent, and your name so that I can check you off the list.


But that’s not all! You can choose to, rather than donate into a general pile of funds for the next full bonus chapter, instead commission a specific scene or interaction between characters that would normally have remained ‘off screen.’

These can be any particular scene as long as that scene won’t end up spoiling future plot developments (for example, you can’t request to see a scene of poor Professor Pericles being murdered just to find out who did the deed). Basically think of these scenes as being stuff that fleshes out other characters. They’re scenes that provide an actual detailed look at conversations and interactions we only get a hint at due to the limitations of seeing almost everything through Flick’s point of view. Scenes that aren’t quite big enough to have a full interlude devoted to them, but still might be interesting or fun to see.

To find out if the scene you would like to see is able to be written, just send an e-mail to and let me know what you’d like to see. I’ll send an e-mail back to either confirm that I can write the scene, or explaining why that would spoil too much. If your request is accepted, then you can send in the donation in the amount that you would like.

The current cost is ten dollars per five hundred words (most full chapters are around 3000 words). I use a word counting system of ‘at least’ that amount. In other words, if you pay for 500 words, the resulting mini-interlude will be at least 500. If you pay for 1000, it will be at least that long. Rather than being thrown into the general pile toward the next full length bonus chapter, your donation will pay for that specific mini-interlude.

Once a mini-interlude is commissioned, it will be put out as soon as possible, outside of the normal Monday/Friday/sometimes Wednesday schedule. Regular chapters have priority, of course. When the interlude is done, it will be posted, and the following scheduled chapter will include a note about its existence for those who might not have noticed. The top of this page will include notes about what mini-interludes are on deck (have been commissioned), for anyone who might want to check if a particular scene they’re interested in has already been requested.


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The fact that anyone wants to read what I write is a truly amazing experience. You, each and every one of you, are truly exceptional people to give me your time and attention. Even if you can’t afford to donate, I thank you anyway. And hey, maybe you could help by spreading the word. Tell your friends about this story, tell anyone you want to. Give it whatever vote you think it deserves on (link coming soon). The more people read this story and help me improve, the better off both it and my writing in general become.

If you do have any interest in directly supporting me, you can find my Patreon page here. Or you may donate directly using Paypal below.

Payment is not required to read my stories. I want everyone to be able to read what I write, no matter your current situation. I will not hide content behind a paywall. Your money, however much you choose to spend, will ensure that I continue to produce more content for as long as you wonderful people wish to have me.

On the other hand, I do want to reward people for being so kind and generous. To that end, everyone who donates anything at all will be able to vote on which characters will be focused on in certain Interlude chapters, as well as other details such as which side characters, monsters, or fight match-ups you’d like to see more of. Donors will not exactly shape the course of the story, but you will nudge it slightly. In addition, everyone who ever donates throughout the course of the current story will be eligible to vote on which story comes next once this one draws to a conclusion or a natural breaking point.

In the end, the short version of everything I’ve said so far is that I’ll keep writing for as long as I possibly can, for this story and many more beyond. I thank you, all of you, for your support. Not only monetarily, but for your simple attention as well. You give me your time, and I appreciate that more than you know. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.