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Most Recent Monthly Patreon: $351.

Current Base Chapter Length: 3000 Words  Next Goal: 400 dollars per month for 3500 minimum chapter length every chapter.

Current Commissioned Interludes On Deck:  1- A look at the Orb-Based Cults (Not Religions) that have been created since Touched began to appear. – 6000 words. 2 – SPHERE Interlude focused on the debut of Avant-Guard as well as some specific focus on Poise and Style – 7500 words. 3 – NON-CANON Irelyn finds Paige’s ‘Jane Doe’ file where she was found as a 12 year old surrounded by several dead bodies and pleading for Cassidy’s help – 6000 words. 4 – TBD – 6000 words. 5 – TBD – 6000 words. 6 – TBD – 6000 words. 7 – SPHERE interlude focused on the Pittman virus/city lockdown. 8 – A look at Teddy Roosevelt and his people fighting the Fomorians using old school weapons enhanced by magic during the invasion – 4000 words.

Would you like to hear how you can get longer chapters to read? Great! Both of the stories hosted on this site, Heretical Edge and Summus Proelium, update alternatingly on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The minimum length of each chapter is currently 3,500 words. But by donating on Patreon, you can help boost that minimum length.

Right now, we are just over $400 in Patreon donations. If we get up to $500, the minimum length of each chapter will rise to 4000 words. Since there are at least 12 chapters in a month, that’s an increase of 6000 words, or two regular chapters worth.

Due to the fact that funds from Patreon are not actually received until the month cycles over, word count changes will be calculated at the beginning of each month, after those funds are actually paid out.

If you do donate via either Patreon or Paypal, please send an e-mail to with DONATOR in the subject line so that I can add you to an e-mail list to keep you updated on things you can vote on for the story and anything else that strikes my fancy. Please include whether you are a patreon donator or a paypal donator, the amount you sent, and your name so that I can check you off the list.


But that’s not all! You can also choose to commission a specific scene or interaction between characters that would normally have remained ‘off screen.’ You may do this for either Heretical Edge or Summus Proelium.

These can be any particular scene as long as that scene won’t end up spoiling important future plot developments. If you’re unsure, please don’t hesitate to ask. I will never be annoyed just because you ask if an interlude would be okay. Basically think of these scenes as being stuff that fleshes out other characters. They’re scenes that provide an actual detailed look at conversations and interactions we only get a hint at due to the limitations of seeing almost everything through Flick or Cassidy’s point of view. Scenes that aren’t quite big enough to have a full interlude devoted to them, but still might be interesting or fun to see.

To find out if the scene you would like to see is able to be written, just send an e-mail to and let me know what you’d like to see. I’ll send an e-mail back to either confirm that I can write the scene, or explaining why that would spoil too much. If your request is accepted, then you can send in the donation in the amount that you would like.

The current cost is ten dollars per five hundred words (most full chapters are around 3500 words). I use a word counting system of ‘at least’ that amount. In other words, if you pay for 500 words, the resulting mini-interlude will be at least 500. If you pay for 1000, it will be at least that long.

Once a mini-interlude is commissioned, it will be put out as soon as possible, outside of the normal Monday/Wednesday/Friday/ schedule. Regular chapters have priority, of course. When the interlude is done, it will be posted. The top of this page will include notes about what mini-interludes are on deck (have been commissioned), for anyone who might want to check if a particular scene they’re interested in has already been requested.


Anyone who has donated anything at all within a month time period (30 days from the time of a single donation/commission or permanently for anyone active on Patreon for as long as they’re active), will receive DISCOUNTS to commissions. The discount works along this list:

1-9 dollars – 10 percent off.
10-19 dollars – 20 percent off.
20-29- dollars – 30 percent off.
30-39 dollars – 40 percent off
40+ dollars – 50 percent off.

So, if you commission a 2000 word interlude for 40 bucks, for the following 30 days, you will have a 50 percent discount for future commissions (so another 2000 word interlude would cost only 20). That discount will, again, last for 30 days past the date of the donation. And what’s best? If you use that discount to buy another interlude, you’ll get 30 days of a discount based on what you spent on that.

In other words, say that you buy a 2000 word interlude on June 12th. For the next 30 days, you would have a 50 percent discount. Then, on June 25th, you use that discount to buy another 2000 word interlude for 20 dollars this time. Your 50 percent discount for spending 40 dollars would run out on July 12th. BUT then the discount for the 20 dollars (30 percent off) would kick in and last until 30 days past THAT donation, or July 25th. You may use this to continually string out various levels of discount, and I will always apply the largest discount available (aka, if you spend 20 dollars for a 20 percent discount, then spend 40 dollars for a 50 percent discount while the first one is active, I will apply the 50 percent discount immediately). And to be clear, that discount applies to ALL commissions during the time period that it’s active, not just one. If you have a discount active, you can use it to buy one interlude, or to buy ten interludes. It’s all up to you.

And for people on Patreon, never fear! I didn’t forget about you. For you guys, the effect of your donations is cumulative. In other words, if you donate, say, two dollars per month, we add that up every month. For the first four months, you would be at a 10 percent discount (two dollars the first month, four dollars the second, six dollars the third, eight dollars the fourth). Then, on the fifth month of donating two dollars each month, you will be assumed to have donated ten dollars and will be bumped up to the 20 percent discount. Same thing if you donate, say, five dollars each month. In the second month you’ll be listed at 10 dollars, in the third month you’ll be listed at 15, in the fourth you’ll be listed at 20 and hit the 30 percent discount, and so on.

That level of discount will continue for up to 30 days after you stop your ongoing Patreon donation, and will *return to the last level you were at* should you pick it up again later. So if you donate long enough to get up to 50 percent off, then have to stop for a couple months for any reason, if you pick it up again, you will *still* be at 50 percent off. I will not punish you for needing to take a break for awhile.

If you guys have any questions about all this, do feel free to ask either on the Spacebattles or Sufficient Velocity forum threads, or on the Discord chat, or e-mail me at


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The fact that anyone wants to read what I write is a truly amazing experience. You, each and every one of you, are truly exceptional people to give me your time and attention. Even if you can’t afford to donate, I thank you anyway. And hey, maybe you could help by spreading the word. Tell your friends about this story, tell anyone you want to. Give it whatever vote you think it deserves on (link coming soon). The more people read this story and help me improve, the better off both it and my writing in general become.

If you do have any interest in directly supporting me, you can find my Patreon page here. Or you may donate directly using Paypal below.

Payment is not required to read my stories. I want everyone to be able to read what I write, no matter your current situation. I will not hide content behind a paywall. Your money, however much you choose to spend, will ensure that I continue to produce more content for as long as you wonderful people wish to have me.

On the other hand, I do want to reward people for being so kind and generous. To that end, everyone who donates anything at all will be able to vote on which characters will be focused on in certain Interlude chapters, as well as other details such as which side characters, monsters, or fight match-ups you’d like to see more of. Donors will not exactly shape the course of the story, but you will nudge it slightly. In addition, everyone who ever donates throughout the course of the current story will be eligible to vote on which story comes next once this one draws to a conclusion or a natural breaking point.

In the end, the short version of everything I’ve said so far is that I’ll keep writing for as long as I possibly can, for this story and many more beyond. I thank you, all of you, for your support. Not only monetarily, but for your simple attention as well. You give me your time, and I appreciate that more than you know. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.