Summus Proelium Cast

Please note that the following list is not a complete or one hundred percent accurate accounting of every character. It is simply a quick-reference sheet for characters so that readers can more easily keep track of who is who and, at the moment, is mostly limited to information that is publicly known within the setting of the story. Teams will be filled in as more information is given in-story.

(Temporary note: at this point, only teams mentioned in the first few chapters are listed, and only the team leaders within each of those)


The Conservators

Silversmith (Leader)  – Creates, shapes, and controls nearly unlimited supply of liquid-metal which can harden into various objects, weapons, vehicles, and anything else he can imagine.

Flea – Slightly enhanced speed, super-jumping, enhanced strength, and health/stamina drain at short range.

Dynamic – Unlimited stamina, super-speed, temporarily drains other people’s powers by passing close to them while running, and uses both that and energy she naturally generates to shape into blasts/shields/weapons. Energy constructs created from energy drained from other people’s powers possess elements related to that power.

Kriegspiel – Enhances the strength, power, speed, etc of everyone he considers an ally within the same general area. Allows all allies to communicate telepathically with one another and to see through each other’s eyes when needed.

RePete – Manually sets a marker. At that point, he may repeat the previous 3 seconds one time. After that, he may repeat the 2 seconds leading to that marker, then the previous 1 second. May only repeat those 3 times. Each marker must be at least fifteen seconds apart.

Bokor – Creates zombie-like duplicates of any person he can see. These duplicates lack any powers the original may have possessed, but are quite strong and durable, and have the ability to project a debilitating gas from their mouths.


The Minority (Youth group under 18)

Syndicate (Leader) – Exists in 4 simultaneous bodies, only one of which is solid at a time.

That-A-Way – Various movement-based powers dependent on compass direction.

Carousel – Telekinetically draws objects into orbit around herself, shrinking them down to a uniform small size before sending them flying at high speeds as they resume their usual size.

Wobble – Generates waves of vibrations that induce nausea and dizziness, as well as physically knocking targets around.

Whamline – Creates and controls coils/tentacles made of energy which are strong enough to lift roughly a ton of weight and which can also explode into concussive force.

Raindrop – Hydrokinetic who can also manipulate gravity upon anything that is wet.



Brumal  (Leader)


Ten Towers

Caishen (Leader) – Increases or decreases the ‘value’ of anything she is aware of. She may decrease the damage of a gunshot so that the bullet bounces off of her, or increase a tossed pebble up to being capable of punching through a tank. This allows her to simulate high level super strength by raising its value. She may also lower the ‘value’ of a person’s powers, skills, knowledge, and so on down to much less than their normal ability, though this effect is extremely temporary, lasting only as long as she focuses directly on them. And, of course, she may increase their value as well, drastically increasing a person’s power.

Skip (Caishen’s younger sister) – Able to ‘skip’ any effect upon herself that she wishes and is aware of enough to focus on either right before or during, such a gunshot wound, poison, burn, etc. Can also ‘skip’ anywhere backward or forward along her own movement path within the past 24 hours.




Cuélebre (Leader) — Massive physical changes leaving him as an enormous (fifteen foot tall) blue-violet demonic-dragon form with a bladed tail and wings. Possesses vast strength, flight, lightning powers that allow him to telekinetic control any object struck by them, and the ability to be almost entirely invulnerable to any damage so long as he remains motionless.

Coverfire — Sheathes himself in an incredibly hot forcefield that is capable of burning through almost anything.


Easy Eights

Deicide (Leader) – Can instantly read/know what is physically written on anything within her (expansive) range. Is able to mentally manipulate vast amounts of paper including drastically increasing its durability, forcing it to remain so completely motionless that little to no damage can pass through it, reshaping it into armor or weapons, making the words written on it be read aloud in a disembodied voice. Instinctively and immediately knows where to find any written word within her range.


Janus/Uncle Friendly and Mister Harmful – Two men combined into one with one face on each side of their head. Enhanced strength and toughness, arms and waist have 360 degrees of rotation and their body parts can grow to extreme sizes.

Skadi – Can identify very specific traits about a person via tasting their blood which also allows her to effectively track where they will go, anticipate them in battle, or otherwise predict their actions and thought processes in a way that can seem prophetic. Also possesses enhanced physical attributes, retractable metal claws, and a supernatural sense of balance and rhythm.

Juice – Generates and controls electricity and possesses vast physical strength and stamina.

Pivotal – Is able to designate any part of a non-living object as a pivot point and make parts of that object rotate/revolve around that point. Such as pointing to a wall and making part of it slide open to walk through. Or splitting a tank in half. Any damage done in this way is temporary and the object will return to the way it was without harm once he stops focusing on it.

Angel Dust – Generates a cloud of ‘pixie dust’ that can inspire various effects in people depending on the color of the dust used, from enhancing their strength and speed, to making them braver, to enhancing their Touched powers, to making them afraid, to inducing nausea, and so on. The dust can also form itself into fully usable armor, wings, and weapons for Angel Dust herself and she often appears using the form of angel wings, halo, and a sword.

Landlock – Anywhere he stands is temporarily converted into a circle of rock ranging from just where his feet are covering up to fifty feet in diameter. It is physically impossible to dislodge him from his rock space so long as he is conscious. He may create and control any number of rock-based constructs within his circle.

Sockinit – May mute or dampen voices, other sounds, powers, electricity, chemical reactions, and so on.

DD (Devil’s Due) — When focusing on a person, no matter what he does or says will seem reasonable and the target will justify anything done as either their own fault/mistake or as something perfectly fine. The effect wears off a few minutes after he ceases focusing on them.



Sequoia (Leader)



Glitch (Leader)


La Casa

Blackjack (Leader) – Opportunity-sense allows him to instinctively gain knowledge relevant to achieving his immediate goals, such as the next card that will be drawn from a deck, how a coin flip will turn out, how a potential ally could be recruited, when and where to aim a shot, or what someone’s weakness is. Not infallible or perfect, but fairly reliable in spurts.

Double Down – Stores any kinetic force that impacts him including his own footsteps and is able to magnify and convert it into speed, strength, and blasts of concussive energy.

Cardsharp – Able to alter the physical properties of herself or anything she touches to adjust weight, make them bouncier, sticky, sharp, etcetera. Inhuman accuracy.

Pack (Dani Kalvers) – Control of and communication with lizards, ability to instill the qualities, size, etc of one other animal into a lizard and allow it to shift between that and its normal form. Includes minor supernatural abilities related to either animal in question, such as a chameleon’s camouflage translating into near-invisibility.

Broadway (KD) – Manipulation of sound to adjust how quiet or loud it is up to destructive levels capable of pulverizing stone walls in a narrow radius, deafening an entire room, etc. Also capable of teleporting herself along soundwaves.

Eits – Creates very small, intangible gremlin-like ‘mites’ which are capable of taking over and controlling technology. He can see through them or any technology they’ve taken over, and is capable of vast amounts of multitasking to keep track of many things at once.


The Ninety-Niners

Sandon (Leader)


Scions Of Typhon

Pencil (Leader) – Every kind of damage he inflicts on someone else generates three points for that specific thing (being stabbed in the heart, throat slit, shot in the gut, set on fire, etc). For every point he has of that specific thing, he is completely immune to it, spending the point rather than taking any damage. He may also spend a point to completely heal any person suffering from one of those same injuries.

Cup – Asks questions, which forces the person being asked to focus entirely on that question to the exclusion of anything and everything else. The more absurd the question, the longer they will be distracted.

Fork – Looks like an anthropomorphic porcupine. May shoot and mentally direct his quills (which regrow almost immediately). The quills are incredibly sharp, quick, and capable of producing small explosions.

Box – Creates baseball-sized glowing orbs. When those orbs are thrown, they expand/transform on impact into one of the four classical elements (earth, fire, air, and water) of a size and shape determined at the time of the orb’s creation, ranging from something smaller than the orb itself, up to about the size of a small car.

Anchovy – Forces a negative reaction or effect to any action taken by the person or thing he focuses on. A person may or may not succeed in whatever they are attempting, but there will also be a negative side effect to it. This can vary from the person attempting to take a step and tripping, to accidentally hitting a friend with their powers, spraining an ankle when kicking someone, dropping and destroying their phone, and so on. An object focused on will experience errors and other problems, such as a gun jamming or even blowing up in the person’s hand, a key snapping off in the lock of a door, handcuffs falling apart, etc. The negative effect occurs every few seconds upon sustained focus, not affecting every action.



Two-Step – Creates a ghost-like copy of himself that replicates any action he’s taken in the previous hour, allowing him to duplicate his own attacks in a fight.

Lastword – Power changes based on the last word he said. The longer he goes between changing his power/speaking, the better the resulting power/more in line with something he might be able to use.

Cavalcade – Simulates superspeed by rapidly creating short-term duplicates ahead of herself. Each duplicate creates another duplicate,  then disappears after a couple of seconds. The most recent duplicate created becomes the original. Can cover ground very quickly this way and, at a full burst, leaves a trail of 30-40 duplicates of herself in a line, all of which are capable of acting for those brief couple of seconds before they fade away.