Reader BBBence1111 has been amazing enough to put together and maintain a list of established Strangers/Alters. You can find that list here.  All credit for the list and for going back over everything that has been written both here and in discussion forums goes to him.

Similarly, if you would like to see a list of what powers and abilities possessed by all the different characters who have appeared in the story so far, reader Squornshellous Beta has you covered. You can find the list she’s put together right here.  Be warned, however, that there are obviously spoilers.  As long as you’re caught up, however, it should be a damn good resource for keeping track of who has what. All credit for the list goes to her.


(Those with more than one duty are listed more than once. Certain teachers not encountered or relevant to the story thus far are not listed yet. The following list is only those encountered by or important to Flick in some way. More will be added as the story continues. Please note that this means spoilers may arise if this page is read before you are fully caught up on the story. It is also a work in progress, meant for easy reference for readers to keep track of characters.)


Headmistress: Gaia Sinclaire

Head of Security: Risa Kohaku

Head of Maintenance: Bruce Lyson

Head of School Finance: Suran Creed

Head of Admissions: Andressa McKay

Head of Student Affairs: Peterson Neal

Student Therapist/Counselor: Klassin Roe

Track Advisors

Development: Nevada

Investigation: Virginia Dare

Security: Risa Kohaku

Hunters: Ulysses Katarin  — Substitute: Hisao 

Explorers: Benji Carfried

Bystander Education

Trigonometry: Suran Creed

Bystander History: Virginia Dare

English Literature: Liam Mason

Bystander Geography: Andressa Nimbles

Bystander Chemistry: Korbin Glace

Art: Risa Kohaku

Heretical Education

Heretical History: Erica Ross

Heretical Geography: Stephen Vandel

Stranger Truths 101: Nevada

Introduction to Heretical Magic: Benji Carfried

Introduction to Combat: Ulysses Katarin — Substitute: Hisao 

Fencing and Advanced Martial Technique: Virginia Dare

Security Staff

Head of Security:  Risa Kohaku

Deputy Head:  Reid Rucker

Security Officer: Wyatt Rendell

Various other unidentified security officers

Crossroads Leadership Committee

Gabriel Ruthers

Eleven Other Members

Miscellaneous Crossroads Heretics

Tribald Kine – Bow Street Runner

Sebastian Gerardo – Retired Heretic/Sean Gerardo’s Uncle


(Students are grouped by teams. The following is merely the list of students within Flick’s age group and their student mentor, who is a year above. It is not a complete list, but will be added to over time as more characters are introduced or mentioned.)


Deveron Adams. Six feet, one inch tall. Very well built. The very picture of tall, dark, and handsome. Mostly Caucasian features with a hint of Asian. Black hair styled into a crew cut. Uniform has red trim. Uses a flintlock-type pistol that absorbs inanimate objects before expelling projectiles made of the same material as that object, or  the object itself.


Sandoval/Sands Mason – Twin of Sarah/Scout Mason. Five foot even, straight brown hair and brown eyes, petite. Wears the pants version of the school uniform with purple trim. Investigation track. Wields a construction mace that is capable of creating temporary walls and floors with each swing. The material each wall is made of can be altered by using a hidden button while striking an object, which will make each subsequent wall be made out of that particular material. Certain materials cannot be used, and the walls constructed are temporary. Heretic-born

Sarah/Scout Mason – Twin of Sandoval/Sands Mason. Five foot even, straight brown hair and brown eyes, petite. Wears the skirt version of the school uniform with purple trim. Investigation track. Uses a special sniper rifle that is capable of extending its range and changing direction via miniature portals. Heretic-born

Columbus Porter – Just under six feet tall. Black skin with a thin, yet athletic build like that of a runner. Uniform is consistently rumpled and is lined with light blue trim. Development track. Wears goggles that are capable of various functions including telescopic vision, night vision, a concussive force beam, and more. Bystander-kin

Felicity/Flick Chambers – Five feet, four inches tall. Thin, with dirty blonde hair worn in a loose ponytail. Brown eyes. Wears the pants version of the uniform with green trim. Hunter track. Uses a kinetic-burst staff that can charge up and deploy blasts of concussive force in various ways, projects portals at either end that connect with a canister of sand that can be summoned and controlled by Flick’s power, and can transform into a bow with energy-arrows. Switched from Investigation to Hunters at the second semester.

Avalon Sinclaire/Hannah Owens – Five feet, eight inches tall with long, pitch black hair. Very well-endowed and beautiful. Wears the skirt version of the uniform with white trim. Security track. Uses gauntlets which are capable of projecting solid light weaponry such as blades and claws, as well as tools for actual work. Can now also form certain moving parts that she takes the time to program into them. Bystander-kin. Switched from Development to Security at the second semester.

Sean Gerardo – Five foot nine inches tall. Hispanic boy with long, shaggy dark hair who is muscular in a wiry sort of way. Not quite a body builder, but definitely toned. Uniform is lined with red trim. Explorer track. His weapon is a mechanical dog named Vulcan who can transform into a minigun. Heretic-born. Switched from Security to Explorer at the second semester.


Cameron Reid – Black tomboy with an affinity for lizards. She wears the pants version of the uniform with the Hunter track’s green trim. Uses a pair of short swords of unknown ability. Bystander-kin.


Zeke Leven – Average height and build, brown hair is wild and unkempt. Wears glasses and his uniform has the white trim for the security track. Weapon is a shield with various unrevealed offensive functions. Heretic-born.

Erin Redcliffe – Tall girl with short hair that has been dyed vivid blue. Wields a sword that has been enchanted to control the wind itself. Heretic-born. Uniform has green trim for Hunter track.

Vanessa Moon – Pretty, if shy looking and studious girl of average height with light blonde hair. Wears the pants version of the uniform with the red trim for Explorers. Her weapon is a whip which is capable of exchanging inanimate material from one strike with inanimate material from another strike, such as striking a wooden fence and then a metal wall and replacing part of the metal wall with wood and part of the wooden fence with metal. Bystander-kin

Tristan Moon – Absolutely gorgeous looking boy of about five foot nine inches, with slightly light blond hair like his twin sister’s. He has a build similar to a very athletic swimmer, and is capable of smiling in a way that makes girls (and some guys) hearts flip over. Some who were old enough to remember the show have nicknamed him Zach Morris, or just ‘Preppy’. Weapon is a mechanical snake that transforms into a cannon. Wears the red trim for Explorers like his sister.

Travis Colby – Black guy of average height with a body builder’s physique. Wears his hair in cornrows. His uniform has the purple trim for the investigation track. Uses a long, heavy sword with explosive properties. Bystander-kin

Malcolm Harkess – Stands an inch under six feet, handsome in an obvious jock sort of way. Square jaw, with hazel eyes and a stare that turns into a glower easily. Uniform has the blue trim of developers. His weapon of choice is a sledgehammer that is capable of instantly transporting its wielder to any of the last ten spots that the hammer struck. Bystander-kin


Andrew Bruhn – Stocky in a muscular way. His skin is pale and dotted with freckles, while his eyes are very intense green. He has long light blonde hair that falls to his shoulders. His uniform has the green trim for Hunters. The weapon he uses is a crossbow of unexplained power.


Gavin Rish – Very tall, though quite thin boy whose uniform is lined with the blue of the Development track. His weapon is a shotgun with three barrels. Heretic-born. Switched from Security to Development in the second semester.

Stephen Kinder – Short at slightly under five foot five, but muscular in build. Uniform is lined with red for the explorer track. Weapon is a long spear which is able to create brief duplicates of itself that repeat the last action it performed. Heretic-born. Switched from Development to Explorer as of the second semester.

Shiori Porter – Petite Asian-American girl, foster sister of Columbus. Extremely skilled with video games. Wears the pants version of the uniform with green trim. Hunter track. Weapon consists of a pair of frisbee-like discs that can both electrocute the target they hit and generate a line of electricity between themselves and/or the gloves that Shiori wears to go with them. Bystander-kin

Aylen Tamaya – Native American girl, tall and regal looking. Wears the skirt version of the uniform with red trim for Explorers. Weapon is a mechanical hawk named Sovereign which is able to expand over her entire body to create a suit of powered body armor. Bystander-kin

Koren Fellows – Five foot six inches, pale girl with long brown hair tied into a braid. Wears the skirt version of the uniform with the white trim of the security track. Is kind of a bully without openly trying to be. She doesn’t tend to think through her actions or words and is mean without really noticing. Gossips about other people. Is selfish. Still doesn’t see herself as that bad of a person. Weapon consists of a pair of four-bladed African tribal weapons known as Hunga Munga. Bystander-kin. Switched from Investigation to Security in the second semester.

Rebecca Jameson – Just under five feet tall, tiny girl with black hair cut short into a pixie cut. Wears the blue uniform of development. Her weapon is a massive cannon that doubles as a backpack. Heretic-born.


Marina Dupont – Tall, pale, willowy girl with short brown hair who wields a corseque of unknown special ability. Heretic-born. Her uniform is the skirt version, and has the blue coloring of the Development track.


Paul Calburn – Cocky, yet very gentlemanly boy from Kentucky. He’s six foot even, with sandy hair and a fairly average, unremarkable face. Wields a pair of hand-axes that he has nicknamed Pain and Panic. Each target struck by the weapons subsequently  receive the physical damage dealt to every subsequent target (multiplied if dealt to the same target) struck by that weapon within the next 10 minutes. Wears the green trim of the Hunter track. Heretic-born

Jasmine ‘Jazz’ Rhodes – Fairly tall black girl at a couple inches short of six feet, with long hair that’s evenly dyed purple on one half and pink on the other. Wears the skirt version of the uniform with the Investigation track’s purple  trim. Her weapon is a falchion whose blade separates to reveal a barrel that produces flames which the wielder is capable of controlling via motions from the sword itself. Heretic-born. Switched from Explorer to Investigator in the second semester.

Douglas Frey – Short, skinny boy whose messy blonde hair is always covered by a black New York Rangers hat. Wears the green uniform for the Hunter track, and his ‘weapon’, such as it is, appears to be a simple black fountain pen. However, drawing any simple object (sword, ladder, door, shield, rope, etc) with the pen will allow that object to be stored within the pen’s memory. The pen may hold up to ten separate objects in its memory at a time. Whenever he wishes, the wielder may conjure a physical copy of that object that lasts for about ten minutes. Heretic-born.Switched from Development to Hunter in the second semester.

Rudolph Parsons – Very pale boy with white-blonde hair. On the chubby side. Wears the investigation track’s purple trim. Weapon is a bow and arrow. Heretic-born. Switched teams after Roxa ‘disappeared’ to allow her old team to have six members.

Gordon Kuhn – Dark-skinned boy who is overly serious all of the time, with very little sense of humor. Carries what looks like a cross between a blackpowder rifle and a gangster’s tommy gun that splits apart into a shield and sword. Wears the white trim of the Security track. Heretic-Born.

Isaac Acosta – Hispanic boy with long, curly black hair and an incredibly expressive, daredevil style and personality. Loves to be the center of attention/clown, and enjoys making people laugh. Is incredibly out of place with Gordon as his roommate. His weapon is three-headed flail that is capable of launching any or all of the three spiked balls to function as independent flying drones to either spy on or attack the enemy. His uniform has the red trim of the Explorers. Bystander-kin.


Vigilant Sons Tribe

Seller  – Avalon’s mentor/father figure.

Lost Scar Tribe




Haiden Moon — Formerly, left the organization almost two decades ago

Eternal Eye Tribe


Miranda Wallbern


Dust Striders Tribe


Children Of Bosch Tribe


Reapers Tribe


Remnant Guardians Tribe


Fate’s Shepherds Tribe




Alecra – Meregan

Ammon – Hybrid

Asenath – Vampire

Fahsteth – Akheilosan/Shark-Man

Fossor – Necromancer

Gavant – Meregan

Jiao – Vampire

Puriel – Seosten

Purin – Meregan

Reggie Owens – Vampire/Avalon’s father

Roxanne ‘Roxa’ Pittman – Blonde ‘surfer’ type girl who looks more like she belongs on a beach than fighting monsters. Former Bystander-Kin Crossroads student turned werewolf. Was a member of the Hunter track. Now part of Mateo’s pack. Her weapon, which she retains, is a mechanical cougar that transforms into a floating weapons platform/hoverboard.

Sariel – Seosten

Tiras – Vampire

The Hiding Man – ????????

Twister – Pooka/Immortal Animal Shapeshifter



Lincoln Chambers – Flick’s father