Most easily classified as an urban fantasy/detective/action, Heretical Edge revolves around Felicity ‘Flick’ Chambers, a teenage girl who is brought into the hidden world of the supernatural when she is accepted as a student at Crossroads Academy, a place where humans known as Heretics train to hunt and kill the creatures known as Strangers, monsters from mythology who secretly prey upon humanity. Heretics fight these Strangers using a combination of fighting prowess and a unique blend of magic and technology.

Soon, Flick learns that not everything at this school, or her own past is as it appears to be. Questions continue to mount, as Flick and her new classmates struggle to survive in this dangerous new world, while discovering the truth about the connection between Heretics and Strangers.


In a world that had superpowers emerge since 2000, Cassidy Evans is a rich girl in Detroit (it got better since super-tech revitalized the economy). One day, she witnesses a murder and has to run from the gangsters who tried to silence her. She gains superpowers and narrowly escapes, but learns that the world of supervillains is much closer than she thought.


    1. It’s an absolute possibility at some point. I got distracted writing a ton of Worm fanfic and when I started up on my own serious story again I wanted to do something besides superheroes. Plus I feel like some of the earlier bits should be rewritten for better world building. But it’s definitely still in my mind.


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