1. Well hey now, there’s the newest Patreon Snippets! And a decent look at Fossor’s home planet, among other things. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when Flick visits, hopefully! And speaking of hopefully, if you guys enjoyed this, it’d be great if you could boost this story on Top Web Fiction right here! Thanks! You’re all the best, and your tags are: April, Asenath, Asenath And Twister Realized There Were Too Many Plots Going On And Shortcutted The Finding Judas’s People One Offscreen, August, Beilela Tren, Casey Dunne, December, Dracula, Edgar Panau, February, For Someone With No Powers Or Combat Abilities‚ Beilela Is a God Damn Badass, Hey Koren Did You Really Choose To Use The Weapons Of The Woman You Saw Kick The Asses Of A Bunch Of People You Were Supposed To Be Siding With?, I Mean Learning How To Counter Those Weapons In Particular By Using Them Herself Seems Like The Smart Play To Me, January, Joselyn Atherby, Judas Iscariot, July, Koren Fellows, March, May, November, October, Okay Did Casey Take A Ninja Turtles DVD With Her On The Big Important Subterfuge Mission? More Importantly‚ Did She Get It Back?, September, Stasia, The Robin System, Tuuenfa, Twister, You Might Dabble In Gaining The Loyalty Of SPS Seosten By Treating Them Like Something More Than Shit On Your Shoe‚ Cahethal‚ But Abigail Lives It

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  2. Thinking of the effect of living on Fossor’s planet, I bet there were cults like the Abyssals who genuinely worshipped Fossor and glorified the idea of dying for him.

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    1. Based on the sort of guy he is I don’t think Fossor would actually allow this. The first couple of times people would try and do so he’d probably set them up to suffer endlessly but never actually die.
      He was not the sort to want willing sacrifices, more wanting people to suffer in life as well as death. If the people are wanting to die by him that’s not all that fun.

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      1. “guy he was”. I was trying to use past tense though out and didn’t fix the very first one. Derp. Dumb WordPress not allowing editing of comments.

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      2. That’s a fair point, though an argument could be made that he would be amused by the conflict between groups, and might even toy with them by ‘rewarding’ some while punishing others with no clear rhyme or reason.


  3. hundreds of people had already begun together.

    “begun gathering together” or, to keep the the word count, replace “together” with “gathering”. I’m not sure if “begun” should be “began” in either case. Tenses always kick my writing rear and I really don’t want to try and dance with the proper use of normal past tense versus past participle.

    An interesting mix of scenes and people this time.

    Thanks for the chapter Cerulean.

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