1. There you go, guys, a nice chill little regrouping chapter to ease you off the big fight last time. Still several more chapters to go before the end of the arc, though. And the real mission just got started. 😉 Hope you’re all enjoying this, and thanks so much for reading it! If you’d like to boost this story on Top Web Fiction, you can do so right here! Thanks for that as well, and your tags are: Anyone Else Feel Like Sarah And Avalon Both Getting Big Powerups Right Now Is Like Finding A Room Full Of Med Kits And Ammo Right Before A Boss Fight?, Avalon Sinclaire, Buddy If They Didn’t Feel That Way Before They Sure Do Now, Deveron Adams, Felicity Chambers, Flick, Giselle Tangle, Grover Clyde, If Flick Thinks That’s The Darkest Magic Trick She Clearly Has Yet To See The Prestige., Risa Kohaku, Roger Dornan, Sandoval Lucas, Sarah Lucas, Seamus Dornan, Seth, Twister

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