1. Hey, the duplicate Paige isn’t the actual antagonist of this whole situation after all! Isn’t that–okay yeah, more than one of you realized that right away. Hell, a number of you immediately sympathized with her as soon as she was introduced way back in the Paige’s Mind interlude. So ahh, we’ll see how this goes, won’t we?

    In the meantime, if you’d like to show how generally awesome you are by boosting this story Top Web Fiction, you do just that by clicking right here! Your tags are: Alloy, Cassidy Evans, I Feel Like Peyton And Mars Bar Are In A Neck And Neck Race For MVP Of This Mission, Mars Bar, Mr. Pittman Done Fucked Up Now, Pack, Paige Banners, Paintball, Raige, That-A-Way

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      1. Maybe MVL for Most Valuable Lizard. But that won’t work because Pack will give the award to all of them, even the ones who weren’t there. Especially Riddles for getting shot.


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