1. Ooookay, guess we know what Future Flick meant when she said Fossor was going to kill all the Heretics all those arcs ago, huh? This is probably bad, but hey, let’s see how the next chapter goes. Because there are two left in this arc! Two chapters for Flick and her mother to pull this out. 😉

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  2. It was kind of eclipsed at the end, but through this chapter I was thinking about how nobody ever talks about Ammon anymore. Fossor hasn’t brought him up once, not even to say “The only thing that could make this family Thanksgiving better is if my dear departed son was here to share it with us”.
    Honestly, I found Ammon’s antics more disturbing to read about than Fossor and was glad when he was killed and out of the story. But, assuming he wasn’t born a sociopath, he was one of Fossor’s victims too. The corruption and fate of Ammon has had to be the most painful thing Joselyn has had to endure.

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  3. These last two arcs, I feel like I’ve read so much about how Flick is disgusted and horrified by Fossor and the situation that it hasn’t been able to sink in for me at all. Maybe because it’s all so spread out reading it serially. I bet reading it all at once would be sufficiently oppressive and awful, but reading it this way, it’s been a couple months of Fossor doing something mildly disturbing (or extremely horrifying, but through the barrier of fiction and Flick’s narration it just hasn’t come across that way to me) and then Flick completely overblowing it in her mind. (Again, I understand intellectually that she’s not overblowing anything and that this is all objectively at least as awful as she’s making it sound. In fact, it’s objectively super impressive that she’s holding up this well under the pressure. It’s just that a combination of the serial format and something about the writing style has been emotionally dull to me.)

    Also, something like this event has been obvious to the close readers for years, so it wasn’t very shocking. The only thing that surprised me was the “reanimate them WITH their powers part,” which is clever of Fossor.

    So no, that didn’t feel like a shoe store fell from the sky. Maybe to Flick, but not to me as a reader. It felt more like I’ve seen a catastrophe coming for years and prepared for it enough that I can mostly ignore it now. I’m inside in my bunker, where I’ve already settled into a habit of ignoring the storm outside.


  4. So now we understand why Fossor spent time and resources on training Flick but shouldn’t that training have included reanimating actual heretic bodies?

    Not that anyone is surprised but he is actually boasting that he is about to kill Flick and Joselyn to their faces, supervillain confidence truly.

    The whole priesthood on Fossors home world seemed to use necromancy, is that a racial trait for Fossor or did the priesthood study and collect power as necromancers otherwere?

    And the we have Persephone traveling to earth, when will she arrive and what will that mean, curious readers wants to know.

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    1. To the first question, Fossor doesn’t need her to know how to do it, he can just take her necromantic energy and put it to his own uses with the natural ability to keep their powers intact.

      And yeah, Fossor’s people are just sometimes born with the ability to use necromancy naturally.

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