Pink 12-06 (Summus Proelium)

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After reaching the Seraph base, I paid a brief visit with Matt Orens, the guard whose son I had agreed to make a storybook for. I let him know that I was still working on that after a bit of an interruption, but that I would get it to him as soon as possible. He said he understood how busy Touched could get, and that I should take my time to make sure it was good rather than rush it just to get it to him sooner. He wanted a good present for his son, not something haphazard. So, I promised to make sure it was as good as possible before excusing myself to head inside. 

Tricia Peppernickle, the elderly lady who had been behind the desk of the administrative building, wasn’t there. Actually, it didn’t look like anyone was behind the desk when I entered. 

“One moment, please!” a male voice called through one of the open doorways nearby. As I glanced that way, the voice added, “Apologies, I shall be prepared to assist you forthwith!” 

“Oh umm.” I shrugged. “It’s okay, take your time. It’s not urgent or anything.” Right, I was only there to help clean up a mess to work off my own crime, and also to secretly snoop around to find out the meaning of that file number that had secretly been written on those toys in Bobby’s cabin. Nothing all that important. Also, forthwith? Who the heck used language like ‘forthwith’? 

As promised, it didn’t take long for the voice in the other room to finish up whatever he was doing. I heard a filing cabinet slide closed, then there was a rush of sound that made me look that way in time to see a small black shape come flying out of there in a flurry of rapidly flapping wings that made me jump back in surprise, a soft gasp escaping me. 

The shape landed on the counter, and I realized what was going on. Duh. It was Lucent, the Touched-Raven who was part of the Seraph. He’d been a normal bird before, just as any Touched-Human, he’d touched one of those special orbs. Any animal who became Touched automatically got human-level intelligence along with their powers. The level of that intelligence seemed to vary somewhat both randomly and based on the animal itself (as did their resulting personalities). In Lucent’s case, from what I’d heard, he was very intelligent. Probably as a result of being part of a species that was pretty fucking smart to begin with. 

It was the first time I’d seen him up close, given he tended to try to avoid the cameras. He looked like a normal (though quite handsome as far as they went) raven with sleek black feathers and a piercing dark gaze as he perched there on the counter and stared at me. A small anklet was attached to one of his feet, and he had what looked like a sort of white… sheath over his beak, with a couple lights on it. As he stared at me, the lights glowed a bit while that same voice emerged from a couple small speakers at the end of the beak sheath. “Aha! You are the hero known as Paintball, yes? It is a fine pleasure and honor to converse with you at last!” 

Everything that came out of him sounded so… excited. He seemed genuinely happy and enthusiastic. It was pretty charming, and I found myself smiling immediately behind my helmet. “Oh, uhh, hi. Lucent, can I–is it okay if I call you Lucent?” I asked a bit awkwardly, unsure of how this sort of thing was supposed to go. Was it rude that I kept staring at him like this? Probably. But come on, he was a talking (even if the Tech-device was doing that part) bird! 

“I quite hope you will, Sir Paintball!” came the crowed (ravened?) response. Somehow, I could almost see the amusement in those dark eyes as the bird gave a sharp, human-like nod. “It is, after all, my name. ‘Twould be quite the inconvenience to have to recall some other moniker to respond to for every person who wished to call my attention.” There was a brief, clearly thoughtful pause before he added, “Though I have been referred to by a good number of far less dignified monikers before and after my ascension, I prefer this one by a substantial margin, I must say.” 

Quickly nodding, I promised, “Oh, I wouldn’t call you anything bad or–I mean, yeah, Lucent. It’s Lucent, got it. Um.” Hesitating, I reached out carefully, raising my hand and extending a single finger toward him, trying to somehow make it look like the offered shake I intended it as and not just like I was pointing at him. Which wasn’t easy. “It’s nice to meet you, sir.” 

The raven’s head tilted sideways, then I heard a sound that I belatedly realized was a soft chuckle. He leaned forward, beak parting to take my finger gently in it. I felt very slight pressure as he bobbed down once before releasing my finger. “Quite!” came the enthusiastic agreement, punctuated by an actual cawing sound directly from the bird rather than the beak device. “I’ve heard such impressive things for a new young hero such as yourself. You have already become a true inspiration in such a short time, particularly to still-maturing hatchlings.” 

Finding myself blushing under the raven’s praise, I shrugged helplessly. “It’s not a big deal. Plus, you know, I did sort of break the law and temporarily steal from you guys. That’s why I’m here.” 

“A small crime for the greater good,” Lucent assured me. “While you should certainly be prepared to make your token payment for it, your intentions were sound and just. I, for one, thank you for the work you did to save that child’s life, regardless of her father’s actions and choices.” 

“Oh, umm… thanks.” Shifting on my feet awkwardly, I asked, “Are you sure I didn’t pull you away from anything important? I just came to do some more of that whole working off my crimes thing.” Honestly, I was torn right then. I really did need to get in there and find that file. But talking to an intelligent bird was also pretty damn cool. I had a lot of questions about bird things and how wild animals worked, but all of them sounded way too personal to get into right away. 

From the way his head tilted the opposite direction from before, I had a feeling Lucent was quite aware of all the questions I wanted to ask. He assured me, “Oh, I’ve done quite enough in there for now. Come, I shall escort you. Ah, that is, if you don’t mind my presence on your arm?” 

After a brief hesitation, I belatedly realized what he meant, and quickly held my arm out, elbow turned to offer a perch for him to land on. “Oh! Yeah, sure.” I tried to sound casual about the whole thing, while inwardly squealing about the handsome and brilliant raven, and how awesome this entire situation was turning out to be. Seriously, I was talking to a freaking raven! An intelligent raven, who was charming and noble and everything. There were some definite upsides to this entire Touched situation, that was for sure. 

With a quick hop and one brief flap, Lucent landed on my outstretched arm. “Tally-ho!” he called before his head turned to look at me. “Ahem, apologies, Sir Paintball. I occasionally excite myself.” He said it with a hint of amusement and self-deprecation. “It is quite thrilling to meet new people whom I have immediate respect for.” 

Shaking my head, I hurriedly assured him while turning to walk, “Oh, it’s really not a big deal. Really. It’s just cool to meet someone like you. I mean a bird that–” And then, in my distraction through all that, I accidentally walked almost directly into the side of the open doorway I’d been trying to pass through. It wasn’t hard or anything, just a bit of a bump. But it was right on my injured side, and still enough to make me yelp, doubling over a bit as my hand quickly moved to grab my ribs. It was the same arm that I’d been using to hold Lucent, forcing him to fly up and away to land on top of the open door. Oww, oww. For a second, I didn’t even think about anything else. I couldn’t think about anything else. The only thing I could focus on was the rush of pain through my side. I hadn’t braced myself for that or anything. God damn it, ow. 

It passed fairly soon. But not soon enough. When I lowered my hand and blinked up to the top of the door, Lucent announced, “Sir Paintball, I have requested the presence of medical personnel. Please take a seat there until they arrive to look you over.” His head bobbed to indicate the nearby chairs. 

“What?” I blinked that way before hurriedly shaking my head. “Oh, no, it’s okay. I’m okay. I mean I’ve already seen a doctor with my family. My ribs got hurt, but it’ll be fine.”

Those piercing, dark eyes seemed to stare through me as Lucent flatly asked, “And are your parents aware of your clandestine heroic activities? Do they know precisely how you were injured, by what, and if there may be additional complications due to it?” 

Hidden behind the helmet and mask, my mouth fell open, then shut, as a blush creeped across my face. “Um. Not exactly,” I admitted weakly, staring at the dark bird perched above my head.

Lucent gave a quick nod, a firm caw escaping him before the lights on the beak-cover flashed along with his voice. “As I suspected. And even if the injury has been adequately looked after despite the vast chasm between what that poor physician knows and the truth, you are still out and about in your Touched identity. Best to have it taken care of right now, before something happens to exacerbate it.” 

“Taken care o–” Belatedly, I blurted, “Patchwork! I–she said I could pay for healing and she’d do it. How…” I felt like slapping my own forehead through the helmet, but that didn’t seem like a good idea. Especially given the way the pain in my side kept flaring up with every small motion I made. “How’d I forget about that?” Seriously, it had entirely slipped my mind that I could have called her for help. Hell, I might’ve been able to get her to fix me up before I even went home the other night. Though, on the other hand, being injured had sold my story about what happened, and might’ve stopped my parents from throwing a harsher punishment at me. Hmm.

Before the bird could respond to that, a Latino guy in a blue medic uniform with short sleeves and intricate arm tattoos came through the other door, the one leading outside that I had entered through. “Alrighty, what do we have here?” He gave a winning smile before gesturing. “Hey there, Paintball. Heard there was some kinda medical alert up here?” 

Oh. At that moment, the thought occurred to me that I might not want some guy I didn’t know feeling up my side to check how my ribs were. I didn’t exactly have the world’s largest chest, to say the least. As plenty of people at school, including Paige, had always been more than happy to remind me. As evidenced by my ability to pose as a boy wearing these coveralls. But I wasn’t totally flat either, and if some guy started pushing his hand against my stomach and side, pushing the costume flat against my–right. Yeah. That was probably a bad idea for my secret. 

Somewhat awkwardly, I stammered, “O-oh, no, it’s okay. I um, I had a doctor look at it before, but I forgot about Patchwork. She said I could pay her to fix me up sometimes and I don’t–um, I don’t mind doing that. You know, if she’s not busy. Or I could just wait. No big, I mean I made it here, and I really doubt I’m gonna suddenly get into a big fight or something in the middle of Seraph headquarters, right? Haha… ha…” Trailing off, I squirmed a little, telling myself to shut it.

From the look that the medic guy and Lucent exchanged, they definitely noticed something strange about how I was acting. Which was totally strange, because I’d been so cool and smooth about the whole thing. How ever did they pick up on my super-subtle reaction? 

Still, the medic didn’t push things when I was obviously uncomfortable. He did introduce himself as Max, asked me what happened (I told him a bad guy hit me with some kind of Tech weapon) and said that Patchwork was on her way up. He asked how it felt, if I was having trouble breathing or had been having such trouble earlier, where exactly it hurt, what the doctor who had looked at me had said, and so on. But he didn’t touch me, and stayed perfectly respectful. I had a feeling these guys were accustomed to dealing with people with plenty of secrets and/or trauma. 

It didn’t take long for Patchwork to arrive. As before, she came through one of the interior doors, dressed, as always, in her costume of a black mesh shirt over green chest armor, black leather pants, motorcycle boots, and a green visor that covered the upper half of her face. Her hair was still short, spiky, and green. 

“The fuck, man?” she demanded upon seeing me. “You go and get yourself busted up already? What, were you just waiting for an excuse to go a few rounds with Cuélebre or something?” As soon as she said it, the woman smacked her own forehead. “The fuck am I saying, you went after that cocksucker twice before we even met. I must’ve been outta my goddamn mind when I offered to play hero bandaid for you.” Despite her words, she was clearly teasing. At least, I was pretty sure she was teasing. Mostly. 

“Sorry,” I mumbled, flushing a bit. “I didn’t mean to get hurt, trust me. And I can totally pay you. Or wait if you’re busy, or–” 

“Shut the fuck up,” she interrupted. “Don’t you know how hard it is to bitch about having to do my job when you’re so fucking ‘nice’ about it? Takes all the fun out of the situation.” 

Blinking a couple times, I hesitantly asked, “You… have fun yelling at people about healing them?” 

The toothy grin she gave me was almost feral. “Everyone’s gotta get their jollies somehow.” Sobering, the woman added, a touch more quietly, “I see plenty of bad shit out there, kid. Fucking with people like you, the ones who don’t have half their body ripped open, that’s how I keep going. Like I said, everyone’s got their own ways. But seriously, don’t be such a fucking martyr about it, kid. Someone’s giving you shit you don’t deserve, you throw right back at ‘em. You got hurt being a hero, out there helping people. Someone like me starts giving you shit, don’t be a meek little bitch about it, tell that piece of shit to fuck off.” She punctuated those last two words by smacking the back of her right hand against her left palm hard enough to make the sound echo through the room. “Get it?” 

“I think you just called yourself a piece of shit,” I pointed out a bit mildly before nodding. “But uh, other than that, sure. Got it. Stand up for myself.” 

“Damn straight.” Stepping over to me then, Patchwork asked what was wrong. When I told her, she touched my side. I tensed a bit, but her hand was fairly low. After feeling the injury gently, she agreed with Dr. Roev, but said she could fix it easily. Which she did, simply by calling Max the medic over. Touching one hand against his chest, she copied the healed state of his ribs, then touched my side once more and transferred it to mine. 

Oh my God. The relief was instantaneous. I almost cried. Only when the pain was gone did I fully realize just how much it had lowkey been omnipresent. Sure, it had only actively and consciously hurt when I moved too fast, twisted around, or whatever. But there had been a constant low-ache that made it impossible to be fully comfortable no matter what I was doing. Now, that was gone. I felt totally normal again. 

“Holy shit,” I blurted, “I could kiss you.” 

“Try it, and I’ll triple your fucking fee,” came the snapped retort, followed belatedly by, “… make that quadruple.” 

“Ouch,” I managed. 

“Now, now,” Lucent piped up, “be nice to the poor lad, Lady Patch.” 

“Told you before, bird, I ain’t no lady.” Squinting up at the intelligent corvid briefly, Patchwork then turned her attention back to me. “Back to my payment. You ahhh… shit, you got twenty bucks, kid? Cool if you need to get back to–” 

I immediately unzipped one of the coverall pockets, dug around inside to find the wad of cash there, carefully extracted a single bill from what I’d brought along for getting a new phone and costume pieces (without showing just how much was in there), and handed it over. “Wouldn’t want you to have to come break my legs for not paying. Then I’d have to pay you even more for healing them.” 

For a moment, the woman squinted at me. Then she gave a short, sharp laugh before shaking her head. “You’re okay, kid. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got other shit to do.” 

She left, taking Max with her. After that, Lucent hopped from the door to my offered arm once more, and we walked together down the hall. I input the guest code that Patchwork had given me, thanked Lucent for the escort (and for talking to me), then got to work in the room once more. 

Or at least, I started to work. I did that just long enough to make sure I was really being left alone for the time being. Then I took a moment to quickly and quietly look through the large stacks of files and folders I’d already put together before that were waiting to go into the cabinets.

Okay, so first I had to locate a folder with a name ending with that original Ten (Three at the time) towers symbol. Right before that would be a four. And the first four digits were either six, two, three, nine, or three, nine, six, two. One of the toys had had a six and a two on it, the other had had a three and a nine. So that was what I needed. A folder with those five digits, in one of those two potential orders, followed by the Three Towers symbol. 

Granted, there was always the possibility that I’d run into both of those. But somehow I doubted it. And if I did, I’d just figure out through context which one was right. Hopefully. 

It wasn’t an issue, as it turned out. After about forty minutes of looking (mixed with actually doing the job I was supposed to be doing), I found the folder in question, with Six-Two-Three-Nine-Four, followed by the symbol. As soon as I found it, a sound of excitement escaped me, before I hurriedly glanced around. Nothing. No one was here. Sobering, I took a moment to collect myself before opening the folder to see what the hell Bobby had left that secret code for. 

The folder was fairly thin. There wasn’t much in there. It looked like a medical file for an incident five years earlier. The patient was a Jane Doe, an estimated twelve-year-old girl who was brought into Seraph medical by a couple Ten Towers Star-Touched for immediate care. According to the handwritten notes in the file, the girl was found unresponsive next to three dead bodies in an alley. She was alive and conscious, but in some kind of vegetative state, likely a result of trauma. The doctor noted that within ten minutes of her arrival, she apparently snapped out of the state… sort of. Apparently she kept repeating two sentences over and over again, one with two words, the other with four words. 

The first sentence was ‘Find Cassidy.’ 

The second was ‘Cassidy will help me.’ 

Staring at the words on the file, I felt a chill run through me. Cassidy. Me. There was no question. None. With a shaking hand, I turned the paper to look behind it. Nothing. Wait, no, there was a photograph, like a Polaroid or whatever. It was stuck to the back of the paper. Gingerly, I tugged the photo away and looked at it. The picture was of the patient who had repeatedly begged these doctors to ‘find Cassidy’ and that ‘Cassidy will help me.’ And the girl in that picture was instantly recognizable, even if she was several years younger than she was now. 


It was Paige.

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  1. Cassidy met her bird-dad! And found out something about Paige! Bird-dad and Paige stuff in one chapter?! Boy, there’s probably some revelation or answer to some long-standing question I could give you in this arc that could top that, but I’m not sure what it would be…

    Oh well, maybe it’ll come to me. In the meantime, if you feel like it, you can vote for this story on Top Web Fiction by clicking here. And this chapter’s tags are: Cassidy Evans, Corvids Are Excellent Even Before You Add In Superpowers., It’s Okay Cassidy‚ I’m Sure No One Noticed Your Desperate Aversion To Being Touched By The Medical Professional., Lucent, Max De Leon, Paintball, Patchwork, She’s Gonna Feel Really Silly If It Turns Out Paige Was Just A Big David Cassidy Fan.

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    1. As far as Paige goes, that is a good question. And yeah, as liminal2016 said, I update for the general public on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday USUALLY in the morning in the US but always before 6 PM Mountain time. $5 Patreon donators get each chapter a day early on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. And the stories swap back and forth between Summus Proelium and Heretical Edge. So you get 2 of one story one week and 1 of the other story, and in the next week it flips.


    1. Thanks! And it’s a reference to the Sphere interlude (the one that looked like a bunch of online forum interactions) where a few of the characters made up a joke about how Paintball’s helmet was hiding a beak, because he was actually Lucent’s son.

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  2. “Was it rude that I kept staring at him like this? Probably. But come on, he was a talking (even if the Tech-device was doing that part) bird!”

    Silly Paintball, you know that birds can talk. Right?


    * rereads last paragraph *

    “A small anklet was attached to one of his feet, and he had what looked like a sort of white… sheath over his beak, with a couple lights on it. As he stared at me, the lights glowed a bit while that same voice emerged from a couple small speakers at the end of the beak sheath.”

    “(even if the Tech-device was doing that part)”




    Author-sama? Y-y-you… You know that birds can talk and that RAVENS ARE SOME OF THE BEST HUMAN SPEECH MIMICKERS AROUND… >>>RIGHT<<< ???!


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    1. Yeeeeeeeeeeeah, I am absolutely aware that they can talk, it’s one of the reasons for the tag about how cool they are. My issue was not being sure how easy it would be for them to talk *consistently* and how much of a strain it would be for him to have extended conversations in a human-sounding voice. I hadn’t decided exactly how good he was at it or how hard it would be by the time I needed to have the chapter done, so I stuck the device in just to cover any issues and say that he uses it for convenience and to test for other Touched animals who don’t have his benefits.

      Hopefully that makes sense. I just still have to figure out how long he can keep talking without it and if its a raven like him to use human words.

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      1. “Hangman’s commin” (Please make that Lucent’s super hero catch phrase when ass is about to be kicked! LOL)

        I see, that’s definitely a cool concern that you have. A lot of authors would have seen them using whole sentences with a fairly human sounding and distinctly not birdy voice (like in the video) and just shored up any differences with “it’s magic super hero stuff… ” So I appreciate that you are worrying this much about it.

        Two things I have seen are that:

        1) They and their relatives can make a wide variety of mimicked calls (of other birds, car noises, some human, cats… ) for a very long time. One of their things is to make a fuss when hunters are about warning prey off. They make a hell of a racket for a long time. I assume they have some random evolutionary reason for this as they are carrion eaters so it makes no sense why they would stop you from killing their dinner… Just one of those evolutionary bits of weirdness I guess. LOL

        2) They can do whole human phrases with human sounding voices (instead of that scratchy poly want a cracker stuff that parrots do…. ). This second part is a guess but based on what the say and how long the phrases are I don’t think they can handle whole human sentences beyond phrase length without a pause due to their small lung capacity. They are big for a bird but not human lung sized big. If they were the size of a large eagle then we’d be talking a short paragraph!

        So I would say that some mechanical assistance would probably be used by him for increased sentence length (by saving up things he’d said until the A.I. decided it was a complete sentence) and maybe to increase range (like the loud speaker in Paintballs helmet. Huh, they have some gear in common. They can talk shop! ) to get folk’s attention in emergency but that he would have his own native vocabulary rather than something that reads his mind or something. He should be moving his beak/throat/tongue even if the device is intercepting and altering what he said.

        Basically if it ever gets knocked off or damaged he would be fine but talk in shorter efficient “caveman” sized chunks of speech. (or he could use song references like the youtube video to get across larger ideas more efficiently which WOULD BE AN AWESOME shift of speech mode between tech device and natural! XD ) Which would actually explain why he likes to use longer sentences with more formalized speech garnished around the edges now: because with the device now he can! He may have gone through a short period of people doubting his true intelligence because of how he use to have to speak in snippets/phrases/code with odd pauses.

        So basically, I think this chapter is fine (other than it’s weird rich well schooled girl doesn’t know birds can talk. She should have said “talk intelligently” or something similar) I am just tweaking how the device works and why he uses it in my head canon. Though if you could show him moving his mouth and parts more before the device kicks in (rather than the mind reading gimmick) my head canon would thank you kindly. 🙂

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      2. This is admittedly late but the avian Syrinx the vocal organ of birds is actually the most sophisticated and efficient vocal organ among all known animals which communicate through producing sounds.

        As for whether birds can use mimicked speech to engage in an actual conversation the answer it turns out is yes with at least one well documented case of the African Grey parrot Alex there has even bee a fairly sophisticated conversation delving into some more existential concepts.

        Also based on what I have read bird vocal communication appears to be far more complex than we have long assumed as compared to humans they are able to encode information into far more modalities (basically at least in the case of alarm calls the modulations within these calls has been found to carry information on the identity position and actions of the threat and ye birds also understand and use compositional syntax the cornerstone of language.

        In effect hominids have only just begun to treat down the path which birds and if counting for the different medium cetaceans have developed for over 50 million years . The largest barriers to communicating with birds like parrots and song birds is in part a lack of interest or need from birds that much of the nuance of their calls can’t be perceived by humans as these differences are outside the frequency range variations to which the human ears and brain have been selected for the ability to percieve.
        Or rather you can think of it as the human and avian brains and ears forming an evolutionarily distinct coupling of encryption and decryption communication system. As we(in this case based on cranial scans like both us and our extinct relatives that descend species of Homo erectus) only have the “key” for which the hominid solution has evolved to parse so it is only with the advent of machine learning algorithms that some of the hidden complexities are starting to get revealed to have been hiding in plain sight or rather hearing. It is only recently that we have started to gain any recognition over how calls among birds vary in both time and space within a given population yet alone the full variations of calls that may exist.

        The other big reason is that birds just don’t think like we do their brains have evolved highly sophisticated complex neural circuits independently from mammals, in the case of corvids we have strong evidence that they are capable of projecting their experiences and knowledge onto other individuals to gauge what they might be thinking and or how they might act. (In effect as we anthropromorphize they aviaproimorphize?) The corvids and some other groups of birds (bird intelligence varies substantially among different clades of birds much as it does among mammals) also like us rely strongly on cultural transmission to convey information which means disruption of cultural knowledge via disease or systematic eradication programs have drastic consequences that make knowledge much more likely to be lost.

        Also at least in the case of the New Caledonian crow they have been shown to possess a minds eye that can mentally construct and manipulate objects in their minds to plan out and build com plex tools.

        This in principal puts corvids close to if not on par with humans in this area of intelligence(note the emphasis of this area of intelligence we have historically tended to lump many distinct cognitive pathways together but there is growing evidence to show this is quite wrong as even if they can interact or to some degrees compensate for damage some pathways are quite distinct), which has potentially huge implications especially regarding our ability to communicate with aliens or even recognize their communications.

        TLDR birds have complex communications but communication with us is hard because the human brain and avian brain are products of convergent evolution finding different solutions to language/vocal communication and hence different biases/tunings.

        We don’t yet understand the true scale and scope of avian vocal complexity (likewise true for other vocal animals like bats cetaceans elephants various fish etc.) We lack both sufficiently large and systematic data sets of animal communications and we don’t generally realize how biased the resolution of our hearing is to detail over the range of frequencies we can hear.

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      3. Wow, that’s a lot of very interesting information when it comes to this stuff. Thanks a lot! My thing certainly isn’t completely accurate, to say the least. But still, that’s really neat to read, so thanks again for sharing.


  3. to see a small black shape

    the Touched-Raven

    Ravens are not small, at least fully grown ones. A good litmus test to tell if you are looking at a crow or a raven is that if you have to ask yourself “Is that big enough to be a raven?” then it isn’t a raven.
    Though I guess if you don’t know it’s a bird at first you might think “small” but, eigh… .

    With how Cass is mentally responding to Lucent I think she may be Bird-kin.
    But that could be potential bias from a furry soooo… .

    Maybe now that Cass has had a kick to the brain that Paige knew her before the whole ‘she hates me’ thing she’ll not fight against the memories about a ‘she’ too much. But we’ll have to wait and see how this goes.
    I was expecting the file to relate to that box Pencil is interested in so this is a nice surprise.
    Now I wonder how Bobby knew about this particular file and why he’d care. Best guess is he’s leaving clues for Cass in order to get her memory back.

    Thanks for the chapter Cerulean.

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    1. The ‘small’ bit was specifically because Cassidy was expecting a human-sized person to come through the door, given the voice. 😉

      And yeah, we’ll see just how Cassidy ends up reacting to all this. And why Bobby had it. 😀 Thanks for reading.

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  4. I also was a bit thrown by how you’d get an archaic english speaking raven. Some sort of ethnic or local dialect sure. Like if the Raven was touched and uplifed in the Bayou, you could get a Cajun Raven, which might be amusing. But I don’t see archaic raven unless the raven is 100s of years old or learned english from a ghost or just highly weird touched weirdness that no one understands (=unfettered author power, use with caution).

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    1. Raven’s are kept as pets and trained to talk using their incredible mimicry skills so his owner may have taught him a few archaic phrases cause it amuse them (maybe they [and the raven?] worked in a renaissance fair/restaurant situation. * shrugs * ) and he kept and expanded on the affectation when he became touched.

      Between a raven’s ability to mimic all sorts of odd sounds (other animals, other birds, machines, cars, cats, babies, the list is endless) combined with that device that practically counts as another super power he has… random thought.

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  5. This clue hunt begins to look like the Da Vinci Code: Paige mentioned Anthony in a phone call Cassidy overhears, and saying that the Evans will hear the name Tate agaim soon. Which leads to Eits discovering the trail of Bobby who has parked his old work car at his mother’s house, in which he kept an image of Anthony and Cassidy. Bobby’s mother failed to properly burn all letters from him, which gave up his secret address. Meanwhile at his hideout in the woods, Bobby kept (and left for anyone to find) the toy planes the three kids were all using, and he painted them with the folder ciphers that the Seraphs used for filing the sensitive information which they allow Paintball to look through, in order to find another clue about Paige.

    Why is Bobby leaving a paper trail for a hero he apparently knows is Cassidy=Paintball? Or if those clues were there coincidentally, it’s still “why do they even exist”. I mean, I now have to expect those answers and no less.


  6. Considering how aware the Seraphs were of Paintball’s movements wrt the thingamajig he borrowed, I can’t feel like this is in any way an accident. The fact that they have him doing grunt work like that is already pretty sketch, add on top that this grunt work involves handling confidential medical files that just so happen to involve the exact file Paintball is looking for and that involves Cassidy’s repressed memories just makes this stink to high heaven.

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      1. Could even be a deliberate ploy to get Paintball even further into the Seraph’s debt (while at the same time still helping him out in a fashion). We already know that favours are much more valuable to most Touched than money, and the Seraphs seem to have a pretty good read on PB’s personality, so if at some later point they show up and tell him that they know that PB accessed private medical records at the Seraph’s base it seems pretty likely that PB would agree to compensate them for that as well.

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