1. Hey, thanks for reading, people! Hope you enjoyed the chapter AND the snippets, and an extra special thanks to the Patron who requested these two after storing up an extra snippet to have two. These were fun, and I thank everyone else as always for their own requests as well.

    If you enjoyed this chapter, you could be the totally amazing person you are by clicking here to vote on Top Web Fiction! And your tags are: Amber O’Connell, Broadway, Cassidy Evans, Dani Kalvers, Izzy Amor, Jae Baek, Just Ask To Borrow Paintball’s Private Screaming Room‚ Amber. I’m Sure He’ll Share., KD Rafferty, Pack, Peter Movan, Seriously Simon‚ You’re Getting Your Butt Kicked In The Best Sibling Department By Someone Cassidy Met Like A Couple Weeks Ago And Isn’t Related To., Simon Evans, Sterling Evans, Tuesday, Watching Amber Try To Probe Cassidy About Paige While Neither Of Them Know The Other’s Identity Makes This Whole Thing Worth It.

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  2. Hmm, couldn’t Amber have just told the truth about helping rescue Paintball from Pencil? Nothing wrong with doing that, and everyone knows she’s worked with Pack and Paintball before while saving the hospital. Without bringing up Paintball’s revelations of course.

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    1. Fair and good question. The answer is mostly because that would lead to a LOT of questions about exactly where they were and what happened, because Pencil is such a high profile target. And that would lead to the fact that they were at Bobby’s cabin. Which is too dangerous for Cassidy.

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  3. Was it weird to have laundry service attached to your luxury box seats at a racetrack? I felt like that was maybe a little weird.

    Loved that whole interplay with Cassidy and her friends. Especially the bit about the garden. Like it was a 100% totally normal thing to try and fit a race track in your backyard. And only a little weird that they have a laundry service attached to their private box. I laughed out loud at that. Love the story!

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  4. Well, that’s rather convenient that Paintball just so happened to be sorting those files. Very convenient indeed.

    *Gets down to the tages.*
    Right, Dani’s last name is Kalvers. So she’s DK and her partner is KD? Really? Really.

    Thanks for the chapter Cerulean.

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  5. Distractedly, I asked, “Who’s birthday?”

    Quick grammar lesson!

    Who’s -> Who is.
    Whose – > possession or whatever.

    It should be:
    Distractedly, I asked, “Whose birthday?”

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  6. Rose derived from Compass-Rose is a WAY better nickname than Wayverly.
    First and foremost, it is one syllable instead of three. In combat, a friend can DIE in the time you take for an extra the syllables. Second, it is also the name of a flower allowing a secondary meaning if “You are beutifull”. Third, as a two step derivation it can be applied in stages. Call her “little miss compas rose” or “sweet little compas rose” a few times before shortening it. It is good to forge a progression of memories.


    1. She’s gotta face certain directions for certain powers so one could call her “Face”. It’s been used as a code name in other media before.

      Or you could go meta and call her “Stand” after the R.E.M. song…

      “Stand in the place where you live
      Now face north
      Think about direction, wonder why you haven’t before”

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