1. And now she has a name to look up! This’ll end well, I’m sure. Anyway, one more chapter left in this arc! Hope you guys enjoyed this one. Come back Friday for the next Heretical Edge chapter, and Monday for the next one of this story! Thanks so much for reading, and if you get the chance, it’d be fantastic if you could click here to give the story a little bump on Top Web Fiction. Thanks again, and the tags for this chapter are: Amber O’Connell, Cassidy Evans, Damarko Myers, Does Anyone Else Feel Like You’re Watching An Emotional Nuclear Trainwreck In Slow Motion?, Izzy Amor, Jae Baek, Paige Banners, Paintball, Probably Shouldn’t Bring Up Anyone’s Eighteenth Birthday‚ Cassidy. Those Tend To Be Bad Things Around Here. Or Birthdays In General‚ Really., Sterling Evans

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    1. Why are you biased against Cyborgs? Robots don’t generally act like angsty drama queens, but a cyborg with a grudge against The Ministry sure might take it out on our heroine. Maybe The Ministry cost Paige her “meat form”.


  2. Well that doesn’t really answer anything. At all.

    Guess we’ll need to wait longer still for more definitive answers.

    Thanks for the chapter Cerulean.

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  3. Holy shit! He lived! and.. changed gender. And blames her for losing his/her mother and family and friends and, well, whole fucking life.

    Was he already an android / cyborg then? thats the question.

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    1. You are thinking that memory eraser took every single memory of her former bestie, to the degree that she doesn’t even remember the name? That would be quite a dramatic scrub and leave a lot of memory holes. Usually, memory eraser types favor less dramatic erasures to prevent large gaps. Still, that may be the only Anthony we have heard of. And it would fully explain Paige’s attitude towards Cassidy.


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