1. Well, this probably isn’t great. On the other hand, the next chapter that covers this bit is sure to be interesting. *whistles innocently* Come back on Wednesday to see the next Summus Proelium chapter, and on Friday to see the next chapter of this story, switching back over to the prison group!

    Thanks so much for reading, and your tags for this chapter are: Amitiel/Mercury, Fossor, I’m Sure Nothing Could Possibly Happen During The Next Chapter Focusing On the Prison Group That Will Make People Not Want To Switch Back To This Scene., Jophiel, Joselyn Chambers, Larees, Sariel, Why Do I Always Feel Like I Need To Take Seventeen Showers Every Time Fossor Speaks To Joselyn?, Writing In A Mysterious Notebook? Mercury Must Be Using A Spell To End The Memory Enchantment That Erased The Rebe–Wait.

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  2. I don’t understand what happened here?
    Was the crossroads heretics sent here Joscelyns old classmates? If so why where they reported dead a long time ago? Or are there more unnamed crossroads heretics here?

    In addition I still don’t get why Sariel wants to spare the life of some Ruthers loyal scum?
    The Seosten goes through heretics like people changes panties and have done so for thousands of years, why suddenly some loyalty to some scum of the earth heretics?

    From a moral standpoint there isn’t much difference between Ruthers and his creatures and Fossor?


    1. Hi! To answer the main question, no, there were two separate groups. The Heretics sent by Crossroads were already killed, the one we see Joselyn stab was the last and the only body we’ve seen. Roger and Seamus (last seen in the most recent Patreon Snippets) also heard rumor of Joselyn being seen and showed up separately before being captured by Fossor. Also, it was noted in that Patreon snip that they faked their own deaths years ago when they decided to turn against the Crossroads teachings and help Alters (without actively remembering that they were already part of the first rebellion).

      Sariel has a few reasons. One major reason to stop this is simply because Fossor wants Joselyn to kill them for power boost, so stopping that is probably a good idea. Also it could spare Joselyn some guilt.

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      1. Why’d Fossor have her kill them instead of weaken them so the zombies could get them under control? Isn’t taking control of the Heretics that show up the whole point of the trap?


      2. Sorry, I’m tired. I didn’t notice that I said killed instead of beaten/down/etc. Yes, most of the force was taken. Hence the lack of bodies which was my entire point of noting that.


      3. Also, the bit about Sariel’s reasoning being that Fossor wants Joselyn to kill them is supposed to be her assumption/belief. Again, entire point of not seeing a bunch of bodies there.


  3. Tag patrol: Seamus and Roger are not in them. I know the two are only mentioned for a brief moment but it’s an important one.
    Also, I think Larees’ Phoenix was also in a previous set of tags but I can’t remember it’s name. I know the snake guy’s, well, snake, was in the tags…but can’t remember either of their names either.

    Fossor seems to be putting a bit much on one person not being willing to let two others die. Yeah, I get that Sariel is the sort that’d tear herself up over that but I also don’t doubt for a moment she’d be very willing to port out if it comes to that.
    After all, she’s not the one doing the killing, she just couldn’t prevent the deaths.
    Fossor always seems to think he knows more than he really does…

    I’m looking forward to seeing what the feedback does to him.

    I also still want him to be brought down by someone unexpected. He’s got a lot of enemies, I’m sure any number of them are just waiting for the right moment where he’s distracted by someone else trying to kill him to take their own shot…

    Thanks for the chapter Cerulean.

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    1. Thanks, fixed the tags. And you’re right, the Phoenix’s name is Ustrina. 🙂 Also, the snake-guy’s name is Nahash and his snake’s name is Kebis. And thanks for reading! It’ll be… interesting to see what happens with Fossor, both now and later.


  4. You know, it occurred to me a day after reading this for the first time that we don’t actually know how long Roger and Seamus have been captives. It’s possible that they’ve already been brought under Fossor’s control and, if Sariel saves one or both of them, they could be unwilling sleeper agents.

    In any case, this should be interesting. I can’t shake the feeling someone is about to die, but I don’t think anyone will. I’m reasonably confidant that Jophiel and Mercury will be able to make enough use of the element of surprise that they’ll be able to escape with Roger and Seamus (regardless of whether or not they’re now sleeper agents).

    The fight should be interesting at least. If I’m doing my math right, they should be at relatively similar power levels right now. And between Fossor’s order to make it entertaining and Sariel’s goal of saving Joselyn, neither one of them are going to go straight for the kill.

    I’m still worried about how Fossor knows so much about Sariel’s history and her role in the twin’s abduction. Either he has access to high level Seosten information or he’s got ears at the Atherby camp.

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    1. Those are the Back and Forward links WordPress automatically inserts to each blog post. They lead to chapters of SP because that’s how they were chronologically posted on this account.

      The links Cerulean puts in to the next and last chapters of HE at the beginning and end of each chapter work fine.

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