1. And we’re one step closer to hopefully saving Sean! Let’s just hope he’s not eligible for Social Security by the time they get there, huh? Thank you guys so much for reading, I hope you’re looking forward to see where this and the other plots go. 😉

    Tags for this chapter are: Assassins Creed: Werewolf? Where The Hell Do I Sign Up To Preorder THAT Game?, Corson, Gidget, Hasty, Jiorge Taklen, Lesedi, Mateo, Namythiet May Have Initially Resented Still Being Considered Too Young To Be The New Tiebreaker‚ But She’s Okay With Her New Mentor., Pace, Roxa Pittman

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  2. I forget. Has it been previously mentioned that Jeanne d’Arc, who I assume is THE Joan of Arc is the new tie-breaker of Wonderland? … Is she a Heretic? Or an Alter, who survived a ‘near-death’ encounter with a bonfire…


    1. Oh, and uh. Yeah, I’ve been following this story since more or less it started, and I’ve loved both it and the new one so far. Definitely looking forward to both continued adventures.


    2. I believe at this point it’s only been said out of story in the Discord, or possibly in the forum thread. It’ll be explained in-story, but the short version is that she was an ordinary human whom Michael took an interest in, so he guided/taught her and at the time of her ‘death’ he ensured she survived. She is now a Natural Heretic of some as-yet unknown type.

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  3. Okay, so… Pace still needs to convinced to join the pack, although there’s someone named Hasty in there? I assumed those two would become instant soulmates. 😀


    1. 😀 I was hoping someone would notice the comparison between Pace and Hasty’s names. But yeah, Hasty was actually named as a character all the way back when Roxa first met the pack.

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  4. Can I ask, why did the Bystander Effect kick in for the wolves? They were not doing/appearing anything overtly supernatural, wolves by themselves are not supernatural or impossible to see in a city – hugely unlikely yes, but not impossible. Otherwise wouldn’t the Bystander Effect also apply to Alters & Heretics just walking doing everyday non-supernatural things, which doesn’t seem the be the case? I thought the Bystander Effect just jedi mind tricked everyone if & only if they saw something overtly supernatural?

    Also, Assassins Creed: Werewolf does sound like an amazing game!


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