1. And there is another commissioned mini-interlude! This will be the final one posted on the normal chapter days. From now on, beginning with the next commissioned interlude for what will be… rather obvious reasons when the time comes, these kind of chapters will come outside of the usual schedule, and when they do, I will state that one is about to come in the regular chapter before it does, and note that it did in the next regular chapter afterward, just so everyone can be sure not to miss any.

    In any case, thanks for reading! And thanks to the commissioner for being patient until this came out. The tags for this chapter are: A Maze Of Tunnels Behind The Walls Of A Mental Asylum? Who DESIGNED This Place‚ Edgar Allan Poe?, Apollo, Sariel, Speaking Of Fathers‚ Is It Me‚ Or Does Apollo’s Seem Like One Of The Better Seosten Parents?

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    1. Yup, it’s been said a few times that the name of the project that created the Olympians was Summus Proelium, starting I believe back when Athena was teaching Flick and Tabbris in Seosten space shortly after meeting them.


  2. “A Maze Of Tunnels Behind The Walls Of A Mental Asylum? Who DESIGNED This Place‚ Edgar Allan Poe?”

    Depending on who or what lives in these tunnels, H. P. Lovecraft might be a possible suspect as well.

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  3. “Apollo not at once”? I *think* you meant “Apollo nodded once”?

    I notice Sariel doesn’t mention her *other* kid(s). Did Kushiel alter her memories, or is it just too painful for her to bring up right now?

    …and, *another* Deep Black operation in the Seosten hierarchy? Dammit, I need a score card to keep track of them all. Not to mention, *this* one might actually be *worse* than Kushiel’s operation — at least Kushiel’s Little Lab of Horrors could be “justified” by the Seosten’s desperation to solve their fertility crisis, and the fact that she only used “criminals”. But a Black operation secretly snatching up *children*, in a society that values them so highly… is likely to have even *fewer* ethics than Kushiel had. And that’s saying something.

    OTOH, it *might* be the other way around. Chayyiel’s Choir, for instance, might be snatching the kids for their own safety, and concealing them as Heretics among the Choir’s Seosten/other partnerships. It seems pretty underhanded for Chayyiel, but if she was honestly afraid the hybrids might face death (or worse) from the Seraphim determined to keep the secret about Seosten/human hybrids, I could see her maybe doing it.

    And even more Signs and Portents that we are approaching a Crisis of nearly DC proportions. 🙂

    “Querashu”, “anchor hugs”… the twins are so damn *adorable* together I can feel my teeth rot. But in a good way. And yes, Apollo’s father is in the running for Best Seosten Parent (who isn’t part of Our Heroes’ Conspiracy (that we know of)).

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    1. Thanks, fixed the typo. 😀 And as far as Spark and the other Seosten child, as far as Sariel knows, they died so she’s not bringing them up right then. 😦

      As for the rest of it, preeeeetty interesting thoughts.


    2. The children disappearing is most likely due to Zadkiel/Godfather, and Fomorian ideas of experimentation on children probably make Kushiel look warm and fuzzy.

      I like your idea that isn’t soul-crushing, but I don’t want to get my hopes up.


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