1. Hey, hey, it’s a bonus chapter! Hope you guys enjoyed reading a little bit about Aylen and Bastet, and getting a look at how that little scene went while Flick was busy. Not to mention some information about Reapers and a tiiiiiiiny bit about the ‘great evil’ that was trying to kill Dare as a child. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything. It’s barely been mentioned and is not a big deal at all right now. Just consider it… background for the moment. 😉

    Anyway, thanks again and tags for this chapter are: Aylen Tamaya, Bastet, Brigham Elwards, Diana Kinder, First We See Eiji Suit Up In His Rhino Armor‚ Then Aylen In Her Hawk Armor‚ But STILL Don’t Get To See Either Fight? I Feel Like I Cheated Myself., Gavin Rish, Hey‚ Seeing Through The Eyes Of Their Cyberform? Can Flick Get In On That‚ Cuz Spying With A Mouse Seems Like It Would Be Useful., Lillian Patters, Rebecca Jameson, Roderick Rish, Sovereign, Stephen Kinder

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  2. Hey‚ Seeing Through The Eyes Of Their Cyberform? Can Flick Get In On That‚ Cuz Spying With A Mouse Seems Like It Would Be Useful.

    Flick already has Marian to do that for her, with tabs piloting her.

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    1. And it’s been surprisingly effective, discovering Charmeine for them, along with the other times Flick’s used Marian to scout. Still, mice are smaller and likely a bit better at spying. And they’d leave Tabbris free to do something else.


  3. >It would, Aylen knew. Those super bouncy balls were one of Bastet’s favorite creations. The woman would use them to absorb dozens of spells that were sent at her. Then, at any given time, she would unleash one by throwing it into a room and closing the door. The ball would violently bounce around the room, unleashing every spell it had absorbed into the confined space over the course of a few seconds. It was pure chaos.

    Weaponizing even bouncy balls. Amazing.

    >“Brigham!” Lillian started, “wait until–”
    But the man was apparently in no mood to either listen to what the woman was going to say, or even ask Bastet who she was or what she wanted. Instead, he launched himself that way into an attack. His ancient-looking enormous rifle snapped up, as he fired three rapid shots before his body turned to white-hot fire, intent on putting down the threat as thoroughly and violently as possible.
    Two and a half seconds later, his unconscious body lay on the ground. Aylen wasn’t even sure what had happened, only that her mother had let the man lunge at her and a moment later he was down, while Bastet herself didn’t seem to have moved.

    And here is more evidence that being overtrained into someone that attempts to kill all Alters/non-humans on sight makes said person into something of an idiot. Oi.

    >Rage boiled up in her mother’s gaze, simmering there just behind the surface. “We’ll get him out,” she promised Aylen. “When the time comes, we will get my father away from the Heretics.
    “No matter who tries to get in our way.”

    That’s big news. If they are successful, Crossroads as-is kinda doesn’t work anymore.


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