1. And there is your origin story (or some of it anyway) for the Olympian known as Amitiel/Hermes! Thanks to the donator for wanting to know more about how Lies were treated that gave me the excuse to write all this other stuff down too. 😉 And thanks to all of you for reading it!

    As mentioned above, we now officially have a contest for this story! Here are the details:
    First of all, thanks entirely to reader Icoret for both the idea and the reward associated with this contest.

    Here’s how this contest will work. You guys know those joke tags that are so fun? Well, now it’s time to nominate which joke tag you like the best. Go through the story and find your favorite tag.

    You may only nominate one tag.

    After about two weeks for nominations from the time this contest officially opens, I will post all of the nominated tags, and all of you readers will vote on which are your favorites. You will vote 3 points for your top favorite, 2 points for your second favorite, and 1 point for your third favorite out of the list of nominations.

    How does this help you guys, you ask? Well, first of all, whoever was the FIRST PERSON to nominate the eventual winner will win one 1000 word interlude.

    Aaaand, with thanks once again to Icoret, the big prize is that everyone who votes 3 OR 2 points to whatever ends up being the winning nomination will get to nominate and vote on a full, 3000 word interlude.

    Basically, whenever the winning joke tag is decided, everyone who voted 2 or 3 points into it will be sent an e-mail. Then, they will be able to (if they choose to) nominate/request their personal choice for that 3000 word interlude. Once everyone has had a chance to either submit their ideas or decline, I will send that list of nominated interludes (without any names about who nominated what, if you would like to be anonymous), and those same people will vote on which one of those they would like to see the most.

    Also, while only the FIRST person to nominate the eventual winning joke tag will get that 1000 word interlude, everyone who nominates it will automatically be added to the list for nominating/voting for the 3000 word interlude, regardless of whether you put any points into it or not. But remember, you can only nominate one.

    Long story short, nominate your favorite joke tag over the next two weeks. Then everyone will vote 3 points for their favorite, 2 points for their second favorite, 1 point for their third favorite. The FIRST person who nominates the winning joke tag gets 1000 word interlude. Everyone else who nominated that joke tag, as well as everyone who put 3 or 2 points into it when voting, will be able to submit their ideas for a 3000 word interlude, and subsequently vote on their favorite out of the resulting list.


    That e-mail that you should be sending the nominations to is ceruleanscrawling@gmail.com
    And once again, all credit for both the idea and the final reward for this goes to Icoret. And for those who need it, you may see a list of all joke tags that have been used in this story by going to this post in the Spacebattles Forums and opening the spoiler tag.

    Good luck, guys and girls! And let me know if any of that is confusing or needs clarification.

    Tags for this chapter are: Amitiel/Mercury, Bet You Guys Didn’t Know Getting The Handicapped On Their Side By Not Being Complete Assholes To Them Was A Superpower That Chayyiel And Abigail Share, Chayyiel, Original Amitiel Clearly Needed A Lesson About Talking To People Before Jumping To Conclusions., Professor Carfried

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    1. First of all: Great contest, I love the idea! 😀
      Just a quick note, I imagine that there are some people who don’t know their favorite tag off the top of their heads, so… If you’re like me and want to click yourselfes through the entire story in search for Cerulean’s PERFECT joke tag, be advised that the JOKE TAGS STARTED IN ARC SIX. (The arc is named “Getting Some Answers” – 6.02 has the first tag that could be counted as a joke, while 6.03 has the first CLEAR joke tags and an open admission by Cerulean that he’s “Having fun with the tags.” Just maaaaaaaybe, though.)
      You can leave the first five Arcs alone, might save you a few minutes.^^

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      1. Thanks! Glad you enjoy the idea of it. As I said, credit goes to the reader Icoret. And yeah, skip the first few arcs if you’re going through the story looking at tags that way. Alternatively, as mentioned above, you can go to that post on the Spacebattles forum to find all the tags (aside from these last couple chapters) listed in alphabetical order. But yeah, for people who would rather not go to some random forum post, skip the first few arcs since I hadn’t started the whole joke tag thing yet.

        And hey, I’ll never argue with people who want an excuse to read through previous parts of the story again, even if it’s just skimming through for tags. 😉


  2. Aha! So Carfried HAS been possessed! Not by Manakel like I used to think, but I thought for so long that Carfried was Pericles’ “killer.” I may have been wrong, but I was on to something.

    I do want to point out though, that those not up to date on WoGs might night connect the way the original Amitiel isn’t speaking with the exposition of absorption from the Cronus description. Unless that was explained elsewhere and I completely forgot.

    And Chayyiel is actively working to bring back Arthur, huh? I guess that gives me a pretty good idea of where her plot might eventually go.

    Also, you need a d at the end of a believe in this passage where Chayyiel’s mission for Amitiel is being described.

    And she still believe that she could convince the man that they could work together, not as slave and master, but as partners.


    1. Also, you need a d at the end of a believe in this passage where Chayyiel’s mission for Amitiel is being described.

      Fixed that and the other typo I saw in that paragraph. Thanks. 🙂

      I do want to point out though, that those not up to date on WoGs might night connect the way the original Amitiel isn’t speaking with the exposition of absorption from the Cronus description. Unless that was explained elsewhere and I completely forgot.

      Errr, sorry, I genuinely am not sure what you’re saying or referring to here.


      1. Has the fact that Seosten Lies absorb the Seosten they possess been explained in-universe? Because if it hasn’t, people might be left wondering why old Amitiel doesn’t say anything after new Amitiel possesses him.

        I know it’s been explained that family members can absorb each other, but I can’t rememeber if it’s been explained that Lies do the same thing.

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      2. Oh right, sorry. I was looking for something that I said about Cronus in the actual chapter. And fair point, yeah. I’ve edited the last main paragraph before the time jump to explain that, after he hears the original Amitiel screaming at him.

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  3. Well, then. Mercury, one of the Seosten’s best agents, is not only working at cross-purposes to their leadership, and has little to no reason to support the status quo of Seosten society, but is technically under an automatic death sentence if they only knew.

    I see no way that this could go horribly, horribly wrong for the Seosten government.

    As for his possessing Carfried, I’m honestly not too concerned. One, he’s barely exerting any control, two, I don’t think Carfried is exactly in Gaia’s inner circle, and three, I can’t see that he’s likely to do much of anything that would be problematical. If anything, he’s an extra layer of protection for Avalon.

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    1. I can’t see Mercury defending Avalon against the other Seosten, since he’s loyal to everything except what Chayyiel tells him not to do, and she’s said nothing on the topic. On the other hand, he’d certainly help keep her safe from various other threats if necessary.


    2. Incorrect, Chayyiel is part of the Cheribum, therefore Mercury is _technically_ working for (part of) the Seosten leadership. 8P


  4. >For just over 300 years, this particular Lie had been working to prove himself within the rank and file of the military. It had done no good. Over the course of the last three centuries, every single time he worked to make his worth known, it had been ignored. Or the effort he had made was attributed to another, one who was seen as more worthy. They did not care what his efforts were, only that he had been born with a genetic defect. One that they would never forget.

    I admire his persistence in the face of unending bullshit, but at the same time he had to have been wondering “what’s the use?” by the close of this time period.

    >“Shut up,” the man ordered while bringing that dagger right up to the Lies’ face. “You think just because you feel picked on, that means you can do sick shit to a little girl? Not this time. I’m going to kill you, you piece of shit. And nobody will care. Especially when I let them know what you were doing.”

    I’ll take Jumping to Assumptions for 1000, Alex. More seriously, I suspect this particular Seosten was looking for the PoV character specifically to screw him over, and determined this event as the perfect time to go for the literal kill. *reads on* Oh, so this would-be murderer got possessed. I have little pity for him.

    > For over 3500 years, the man who had once been known only as a Lie had lived the life of the Olympian Seosten named Amitiel. Or, while he had been posing as a god to the humans, Hermes and Mercury. That latter name was the one he actually preferred, and the Lie who had taken over the original Amitiel had gradually come to think of himself by that name most often. He refused to use the collective name Lie, or Mendacia. And he was not truly Amitiel, even if he had gone by that name for many times longer than its original user.

    Well now. He moved up quite a bit in the world as a result of that frantic act of Possession and Chayyiel’s assistance.

    > He could simply don’t lay there affect up until he could either secretly cast a counterspell,

    I think there was an autocomplete screw up here. And that power of his is amazing. That long a duration Boost, for example, alone makes him a juggernaut.

    > Even something like the ring/choker of Anuk’ite would not identify him unless he remained in the presence of the person using it for longer than he could delay it’s effect.

    Should be “its effect”.

    >The boy grinned back at him with obvious relief. “Thanks, Professor Carfried.
    “You’re the best.”

    Well then, we know another of the Seosten’s agents in Crossroads now at least.

    Great update!

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  5. When Chayyiel said, “Don’t do it,” practically my first thought was, “YES, she’s on his side, he’s got to be working for/with her in the future!” Because more people working for/with Chayyiel isn’t quite as good as actual rebels, but it’s a step in the right direction.

    Then, of course, as soon as you started describing his powers, I switched to wondering who he’d be possessing. Since apparently it could be anyone. Dang it. I never considered how that power could be useful for a spy when you were first describing it to us.

    It’s gonna be hard, but I think I’ll be able to resist the urge to go back and reread every chapter with Benjamin Carfried tagged in it. Probably. We’ll see.

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  6. So he can delay effects? If he can extend his boost 10x, then I assume that’s his limit. If that’s true, that’s not very helpful, somebody would only have to place the spell on him, and he could only extend the instant reaction to 10 times instant. That’s still not very long. I don’t see this helping him that much.


    1. He can delay or stretch effects, presumably with different magnitudes.

      When he’s enhancing his boost, he’s stretching it.

      When he’s countering anti-possession spells, he’s delaying them.

      Per WoG on SB he can also compress effects, and he can control if a stretched/compressed effect retains its original total potency or its original potency over time.

      For example, a spell that’s used to heal him over say, an hour, he could speed up to make it happen in a few seconds. Alternatively, a spell that’s used to affect him instantly, he could slow down so that it takes hours to come to fruition. In the meantime, he can work to counter those effects. If he gets afflicted by something that should make him sick for a week, he can speed it up to pass within an hour or two. If he’s given a magical boost that should only last for a few seconds, he can stretch it out to ten minutes. Basically, any effect that is under any kind of time limit, he can shorten or lengthen to absurd degrees. Particularly useful for hostile spells, in which he stretches out the time between when they’re triggered and when the effect takes hold, giving him potentially hours to counter it.


      1. So the limits on stretching and delaying at different? Narratively that makes sense, logically irksome. Also, who is WoG and what is SB?


    2. WoG = Word of God. When the author or creator of a work states something about the world, characters, etc. outside the actual story.


      SB = Spacebattles. A forum that has an active discussion thread about this story. Cerulean comments there a lot. It’s much easier to have conversations there than on this site.



  7. Well,
    This doesn’t solve Pace-Lie-Theia’s problem by ITSELF…but if all Lies know that if they absorb a Seosten they’ll effectively be cured AND absorb the pesky consciousness, this would seem to provide the EVENTUAL cure that Theia is looking for. Since 99.9% of Seosten deserve to be butchered anyways, there isn’t even any moral downside to helping her steal the body of one and eat their mind. Poof, cured Lie.


  8. But, he could, the

    I’m guessing you meant to have a “before” in there before the “:he”.

    Nice bit of misdirection with the leg injury, I was thinking this was going to be Hephaestus’ story but, nope, not his at all. Still wound up being an Olympian after all though.

    I’m curious about something now, if the Mecury body is killed does his original body pop back out like other possessions or is it now his default body? Not sure how the “Lies”-Normal seosten interaction works there.
    I’m just picturing the reaction to someone fighting him. *Kills host, gets seosten as expected. Manages to kill seosten and gets a SECOND one. Was not expecting it all and the moment of shock become fatal.*


  9. Are Lies actually a handicap, or are they the perfect weapon designed to infiltrate and destroy other Seosten? Considering all of their traits and how… artificial Seosten are in general it wouldn’t surprise me they were designed on purpose.


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