1. Well, I’m sure no one saw this coming and everyone is completely surprised by the twist that Flick and the others are the ones actually going after Isaac. Yessir, totally blindsided you guys with that one! 😉

    Thanks very much for reading, guys. I hope you enjoyed it, and that you’ve been enjoying this arc, because it sure has been fun to write so far. Catch you on Monday!

    Tags for this chapter are: Felicity Chambers, Flick, Gordon Kuhn, Haiden Moon, I Feel Like ‘Isaac Loves The Sound Of His Own Voice’ Is Not Exactly One Of The Great Mysteries Of The Universe., Jazz Rhodes, Jokai, Larissa Mason, Roxa Pittman, Temudanc = Taxxons Even More Unbelievably Disgusting And Nasty Cousins

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  2. And of course we leave the adults behind. I guess that’s the problem with having a team with such a massive power disparity. You have to come up with convoluted reasons for the powerful members to not be able to help with the main character level battle.
    You see the exact same thing in the X men movies. Xavier always gets incapacitated at the end, otherwise he would defeat all the villains with a thought (except whoever has the hat) and there wouldn’t be a movie.

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  3. > I would’ve said Planet Nevada, but honestly, I would’ve loved a planet full of Nevadas more than I could possibly describe.
    Um, Tabbris piped up. That’s one of those thoughts that I’m supposed to ignore, right?

    …Yes, Tabbris. Flick’s preferences (and the subject of preferences in general) can be taught to you later. Much later. 😛

    >This place is full of rocks, dirt, and it’s got some kinda weird fucked up plant that’s like a cactus meets mutant giant venus flytrap, only the needles shoot out with these little vines like a goddamn grappling hook to drag you into the mouth. And if I have to narrow it down further than that, then fuck this entire universe, because if that fucking thing exists on more than one planet we should just set everything on fire and start over again. Because I say again, a giant venus flytrap that shoots grapple-spikes at you. Fuck this planet.”

    Ahahaha, Like Flick and Tabbris, I’m getting some satisfaction at Isaac’s troubles. However, given the genuinely terrifying description of the plant creature I suggest renaming this world from Planet Nevada to Planet Australia…

    >”It’s a deathtrigger. I’m sure you recognize it.From what I’ve heard, it’s usually put onto other people to make them follow orders. But I put this one on myself. See, if you or any other Seosten tries to possess me, all I have to do is think the command word. And you know what’s one thing you assholes can’t stop someone from doing?

    …Yes, go ahead and explain your anti-Possession contingency plan to a millennia-old Seosten who is much, much smarter than you. F-ing moron. Like Flick implies below this section, there are multiple ways around his “brilliant” plan of his. Also, insulting and threatening said Seosten is not likely to turn out well for Isaac, but that’s his eventual problem, not mine (or anyone else’s).

    >After we’d each taken one, with an extra for Gidget, Larissa continued. “These are the emergency exit spells we talked about. Put your hands on them and say, ‘Dorothy’, and they’ll bring you right back to this ship. Remember what we said, if anything goes wrong, you jump out just like that.”

    Hm, good prep work, and certainly faster than clicking your heels together three times, eh?

    >Before any of us could say anything else, a sudden sound from outside drew our attention. Footsteps. Lots of footsteps. And voices. Moving quickly to the window, we saw what was going on.
    Troops. So many troops. There were glowing portals that had appeared all the way up and down the street, and soldiers were rushing out of them. Some took up defensive positions while others immediately started searching the nearby buildings.
    The Seosten had arrived.
    “That’s great,” Roxa muttered, staring through the window of the little building while troops continued to emerge from the portals. “They just couldn’t wait a few more minutes, could they?”

    =\ Damn, they mobilized/arrived faster than I would have expected. The race is on, then.

    >There was even one that looks like some kind of giant centipede with a rhino-like horn at the top of its head. As it raised the front third of its body up from the ground to look around, a dozen mouths opened up all the way down its exposed front, revealing hundreds of tiny, razor-sharp teeth in each. Worse, from each of those mouths, a long, prehensile tongue emerged and wiggled around as though tasting the air.

    …I am reminded of Taxxons from Animorphs. Horrifying creatures.

    >“Right.” Pivoting on my heel, I moved to open trapdoor, and the stairs beyond that led down into those deep, winding tunnels.
    “Let’s go grab that fucking coward.”

    And before the Seosten do.

    Great update Cerulean.

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    1. As much as the deathtrigger plan had a lot of holes in it, telling the Seosten about it wasn’t dumb. The deathtrigger is supposed to act as a deterrent, not a contingency, and it fills its intended purpose not at all if the Seosten don’t know about it.

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  4. ” the needles shoot out with these little vines like a goddamn grappling hook to drag you into the mouth. And if I have to narrow it down further than that, then fuck this entire universe, because if that fucking thing exists on more than one planet we should just set everything on fire and start over again.”

    Okay, that plant is awesome. And Isaac’s description has me snickering. If I were there, though, I would make a point of going out and killing a couple of those, because the powers sound fun.

    And Then? I’d try to find some seeds so I could grow them at home. What can I say? I’ve always had a soft spot for plant monsters.

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      1. As long as they grow back quickly, I’d still take it. It might synergize really well with any powers that enhance your bite, such as venom.

        I remember that there was some sort of sea snail that grows these disposable “harpoons” of bone, which are poisoned. This wouldn’t be that different.

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      2. @Isa Lumitus

        I never said I thought that was a bad thing… I’d take it either way. I didn’t even realize the power synergy and that only sweetens the deal.

        Someone chops off all your limbs, you say “I’ll bite your head off!”

        They laugh from twenty feet away, then you do exactly what you said you would and give them half a dozen poisons and ghoul fever to boot.

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  5. Isaac, Gidget and Sands are all absent from the tags.

    And yes, I totally did not see something coming up that would pull the two adults away. Not at all. Nope.
    Though, really, had the kids not been there the adults could just go after Isaac sooooo…. yeah, great job there team.

    I was thinking “Kinda like an even worse taxxons” at the description of the ‘centipede’ and hey whatdoyouknow? but there it is in a tag.
    We’ve not seen any hork-bajir expies yet have we? Or any andalites. The seosten kind fill in the yeerk role but in no way physically resemble them. I kinda wanna see a version of Crayak and slash or The Ellimist show up but we’ve got a lot of “bigger scope” things to deal with already so maybe not.

    And so the hunt begins. I’m still not sure if they will wind up catching Isaac or if he’s going to get killed yet or not. Could still go either way. Looking forward to finding out.

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    1. If the kids weren’t there, the adults would have had to go after Isaac, but that’s probably a worse situation because they wouldn’t be able to slow down the Seosten army and prevent them from finding Isaac instead. Roxa can probably track Isaac just as competently as the adults, so it’s not like this way is really any slower. The only issue is the question of whether the kids can beat Isaac once they find him, but I bet Flick/Tabbris, Roxa, and Sands working together could take him, so Jazz and Gordon being there makes it a pretty sure thing.

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    2. At least people are actually reading the tags and seeing what is and isn’t there. 😉

      As for Hork-Bajir, I don’t believe that there has been an intentional expy made like this one. andalites probably aren’t fair since centaurs are pretty common.


  6. “Temudanc = Taxxons Even More Unbelievably Disgusting And Nasty Cousins”

    Taxxons were the first thing I thought of! Their initial impression made them hard to forget. I like the added twist here- it’s as if they were crossed with the Gaping Dragon or something.

    Chase Issac! But be wary of fighting him in underground rooms, especially if he’s got robofriends. You may find it hard to bind him.

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  7. Is it bad that I’m now shipping Jazz and Jokai? It would be a pretty good bit of irony for Jazz to go from wanting to kill him (and all Alters) to forming a relationship with him. Plus it would make for a nice little fun, and hopefully more lighthearted, interlude for Cerulean to write.

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  8. “I don’t see any people,” I spoke slowly, looking around. “Where is everyone?”

    About this point I started wondering if Issac had slaughtered all the townsfolk to get his fix…


      1. Yeah, but Isaac doesn’t seem like the type for planning ahead. I figured that he slaughtered the town, too.


    1. Honestly, I expected him to go on a slaughter spree the second I heard the planet was inhabited. It’s the only logical thing to do, assuming you have no concern for the lives of others. He knows they have the tech and powers to track him, and they also have a good idea what most of his powers are. Getting some more they don’t know about is a pretty step to take.

      How much fun he’d have is just a side bonus, although considering his general level of planning, it’d probably be his primary motivation whether or not logic backed him up. I mean he’s gotta pass the time till the Seosten arrive somehow.


  9. Hm… one quibble. They gave Gidget a “dorothy” badge, but how is she supposed to activate it? She can’t speak the activation keyword.


    1. Well, they have one for Isaac too, and they don’t plan to have his cooperation either. So they’re probably both usable by others. If they were feeling particularly clever they might have designed it to automatically go off when Roxa’s does.


  10. The smart thing for Isaac to do would have been to make a second deathtrigger and hide it somewhere, that way if the first one was removed he’d still have a contingency. Then again, let it never be said that Isaac came up with good plans when the Seosten weren’t helping.
    Stupid, stupid, stupid.

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