Mini-Interlude 42 – Elisabet

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Of all the places that one might have expected to find the Crossroads Committee Counselor known as Elisabet spending her very valuable free time, one would have to know her quite well to guess that it would be a simple, quaint children’s play at a junior high school. Most people, even many of her co-Counselors, would have run through quite an extensive list of other possibilities before ever getting close to that possibility.

The Spanish woman sat in the rear-most row of seats, despite the fact that the auditorium was barely half full. Half a dozen rows sat between her and the nearest other observers, all of whom were either proud parents or bored siblings, raptly watching or studiously ignoring the events on stage as the pint sized performers carried on with their own rendition of Beauty and the Beast.

Most would also have completely missed the arrival of the new figure who stepped into the darkened auditorium. For one thing, the figure simply stepped through the closed doors rather than opening them to admit any of the light from the outside hall. That coupled with the figure’s almost eerily silent movement within the near pitch-black room meant that they were all-but impossible to notice.

Elisabet, however, noticed. There were a wide assortment of powers that made that possible, from the three-hundred and sixty degree vision that gave her a full view of the entire auditorium and everyone within it at all times, coupled with more than a dozen different powers raising her ability to see in the dark or other vision enhancements, to her senses of smell and hearing being so refined that she could have noticed the arrival even if they had been invisible. Then there were the powers that allowed her to sense air being disturbed, the contents of the figure’s pockets, the calcium in their bones,  even the electrical impulses within their brain. It was all-but impossible to sneak up on a member of the Crossroads Committee, no matter what methods one used. Even teleportation was out, considering not only their multiple danger-warning powers, but also the ones that were able to detect most forms of energy teleportation created.

The point was, ambushing a member of the Crossroads Committee would only be possible by someone of equivalent or greater power. And those were exceedingly few and far between. There were the Eden’s Garden Victors, of course. Unlike the Committee, who all shared all of their powers with one another, each Victor (every tribe had two of them) gained a little bit of the power that each member of their tribe gained when killing a Stranger. That made them roughly equivalent to the power of a Committee member.

But the new arrival was not one of the Victors, or anyone anywhere near powerful enough to take Elisabet by surprise. She’d known that they were coming since even before the figure had come through the closed doors.

Still, she didn’t move. Remaining in her seat, the woman waited as the figure crossed the darkened auditorium to join her. Only once the new arrival had taken the next seat over did Elisabet speak. “You’re going to make your move against the Chambers girl.”

Charmeine, temporarily removed from her host, spoke flatly. “They know who I am. She has the choker, and I didn’t figure it out before…” A look of annoyance crossed her face before she spoke again. “I need authorization to use the spell sealers, Jophiel.”

Elisabet… or rather, the Seosten Jophiel, finally turned slightly to look at the woman. “Spell sealers won’t help you against the protection that was put on Liesje Aken’s heir. We already told you, if the girl dies before you remove that spell, all of us will be exposed. We have all ordered her death. We are responsible for your actions. If she dies by your order or hand, the spell will snake its way up through all of us. We will be revealed to the caster, permanently. That, as you have been reminded of repeatedly, cannot be allowed to happen.”

It obviously took Charmeine a moment to collect herself. Jophiel could tell that much even without the assortment of emotion-sensing powers that she had access to. Finally, the dark-skinned Seosten straightened before speaking. “I don’t need them for her. I need the spell sealers for the Chambers girl. She has the same protection spell, along with about half a dozen others. And that’s just the ones that we’ve been able to find without a thorough search.”

She continued before Jophiel could point out the obvious. “And yes, I know that if the Chambers girl dies, we’ll have the same problem. The energy from her death will trigger the spell that points them straight toward all of us. Even if we leave our bodies and get new hosts, it’ll keep leading them right to us. That’s why we’re not going to kill her. I need the spell sealers to block all the other spells on her long enough to take her in and do what we need to do. Before they wear off, I will send her to our space. The humans have no way of getting anywhere near her out there. After that, all we have to do is wait for the spell to wear off while our people work out why we can’t possess her at their leisure.”

She continued, telling the other Seosten the rest of her plan. At the end, Jophiel lifted her chin, considering for a moment. “You come to me rather than to Manakel because…”

“Manakel referred me to you,” Charmeine replied flatly. “You are the one who controls access to the spell sealers. And if this fails, he wants me to be blamed instead of himself. So he made me come to ask you. That way, if it goes wrong, he wasn’t the one who asked you. I was.”

A slight smile crossed the other woman’s face briefly, before she gave a slight nod. “We need this situation to be attended to. You have permission to use one spell sealer. It should be enough for your purposes. Just remember, they do not, as the humans say, grow on trees.” That was putting it lightly. One spell sealer, of the kind that the woman was asking for, required almost a hundred years to gather enough energy to be useful. They were also exceedingly hard to make, which was why their use had to be approved. Turning slightly, she faced Charmeine. “It should also go without saying–”

“Last chance,” Charmeine finished for her, already standing up. “Yes, I am aware. It won’t be a problem this time.”

Turning, she started to leave before pausing to look back. “… why come here?”

Jophiel nodded to the children on stage. “The girl there, she is my host’s great-great-great-great-granddaughter.” Her chin rose. “One must, of course, maintain illusions. It also allows me time to think, and plan.” Slowly, she looked that way, her voice turning pointed, “In privacy.”  

The black woman squinted at her for a moment, but clearly didn’t want to risk challenging her superior on that. Turning on a heel, she strode away without another word.

For almost three full minutes, the woman sat there in relative silence, aside from the voices on stage. She watched the play, just as she had been doing with half her attention while the other Seosten had been there.

Finally, she was certain that Charmeine wasn’t coming back any time soon. Letting out a breath, she straightened up, standing from the seat while announcing softly, “She seems confident.”

From the seat that she had just vacated, a voice replied, “Of course she does. Between her arrogance and the fact that her failure will lead to her… punishment, it would be far more surprising if she didn’t project confidence.”

Jophiel turned, looking down at the woman who had spoken. Elisabet. The real Elisabet, now that she had vacated her body while standing up, leaving her host sitting there.

While Elisabet was a Spanish woman who appeared to be in her mid-thirties, Jophiel looked like a very… buxom brunette Caucasian who was barely in her twenties. She appeared to have more in common with Avalon Sinclaire than she did with her host. She was, in every sense of the word, utterly gorgeous, even for a Seosten.

There was a reason that she had been chosen to take the role of Aphrodite while the Seosten had been playing gods amongst the humans, after all.

For a moment, Jophiel and Elisabet stared at one another, both women remaining utterly motionless and silent. Then the Seosten took a step to the side before taking the seat next to the Spanish woman. “I’m sorry she had to interrupt,” she announced, “I promised that we’d watch Daniela’s play without distractions.”

Elisabet shook her head. “It wasn’t your fault,” she replied. “You could hardly send her away without addressing her. That might make her suspicious. And we don’t want that, do we?” She turned away from the play for a moment, looking toward her.

Jophiel continued to meet her gaze briefly before a very slight smile touched her beautiful face. “No,” she replied quietly while taking the other woman’s hand, “we certainly don’t… my love.”

Yes, Elisabet was far more than Jophiel’s host. She wasn’t enslaved, nor was her mind wiped. She wasn’t actually being controlled against her will in any way. No, the truth was that the two were partners, in every sense of the word. Partners in business, partners in combat, partners in all of their endeavors. And partners in love. As they had been for many, many years, since before Elisabet had actually been a part of the so-called Crossroads Committee.

It hadn’t started out that way. Jophiel’s assigned duty at the time of their meeting had been to assess the then-young Heretic for possible infiltration and recruitment into the just-formed Crossroads Academy. Jophiel had originally appeared to her as a young girl who had to be saved from monsters. Over the course of the next several months, she was supposed to determine whether the Spanish girl was worth recruitment.

Instead, the two gradually fell in love with one another, to the point that Jophiel revealed the truth of herself, and her people. And, to her surprise and joy, Elisabet had accepted her.

From that time on, they were partners in every way. Elisabet knew what the Seosten were truly doing, but she also knew about the war that they were fighting against the Fomorians. She knew what the Fomorians intended for humanity, and believed that fighting alongside the Seosten was their best chance for survival.

She did feel some guilt, at times, about the fate of the non-humans who were killed. But the truth was that, guilty as she might feel, her first loyalty was to humanity. And Elisabet believed that if humans didn’t grow stronger, if Heretics weren’t strong enough, that the Fomorians would enslave and destroy all of them. Human, Seosten, or any other race. The creatures that they called Fomorians (even the Seosten didn’t understand what they really called themselves, so Fomorian was a good enough term) would annihilate entire civilizations, just as they had for millennia. Very few were powerful enough to stand in their way. The Seosten stood the best chance of putting an end to the Fomorians. But they couldn’t do it without help.

And that help would be the humans, the Heretics. Once they were strong enough. But to get there… certain eggs had to be broken. Sacrifices had to be made. If that meant allowing certain innocents to die now so that everyone didn’t die later, then… that was something she could live with.

It was something they both lived with. Jophiel lied to her people, and Elisabet lied to hers. They were both lying to everyone except each other. They would never lie to one another. They were each all the other truly had. And if it came down to it, each would choose the other over everyone else in the known universe.

They were, after all…


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  1. Hah, the elusive DOUBLE-TWIST! First I hit you with ‘Elisabet is possessed’, then I double-up with ‘she’s willingly possessed because she and the Seosten are in love’! Bet you guys didn’t see that coming. 😉

    Thanks to Vlad Spellbinder for commissioning this chapter (as well as the previous Percival one, and all these upcoming Committee-focused chapters).

    Tags for this chapter are: Charmeine, Cue All The Theories Trying To Twist The Comparison Between Jophiel And Avalon’s Appearances Into A Hint That They’re Related Somehow., Elisabet, Jophiel, The Biggest Twist Here Is That Aphrodite Has More Authority Than Hades

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Ha! I called… part of that!

    I was also recently thinking about how I was hoping someone on the Committee would be a hardliner due to isolationism over racism. This isn’t quite what I had in mind, but it’s close.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Why is there an ellipses before buxom?
    Jophiel looked like a very… buxom brunette Caucasian who was barely in her twenties.
    Yes, she’s very buxom, we get it. But I feel like the ellipses should be removed. *shrug*


    1. *shrug* Personal preference, nbd. I just like the simulation of the ‘narration’ pausing before deciding what term to use to be diplomatic. I feel like it spices up the descriptions a little bit. I get what you mean, but I don’t think it’s really a big deal. Maybe I’m wrong and it bothers a lot of people, meaning I should change it. But as it is now, it’s just a tiny thing.

      Thanks for your input though. If it turns out it bothers too many others, we’ll see about it. No worries.

      Liked by 3 people

  4. “And that help would be the humans, the Heretics. Once they were strong enough. But to get there… certain eggs had to be broken. Sacrifices had to be made. If that meant allowing certain innocents to die now so that everyone didn’t die later, then… that was something she could live with. ”
    Me: So she tells herself. Question is, will those…”practical”…sacrifices prove successful in the end? I have doubts on that myself.

    “They were both lying to everyone except each other. They would never lie to one another. ”
    Me: Hm, a rather interesting declaration to make. It makes me wonder if they may be lying to themselves.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ‘Question is, will those…”practical”…sacrifices prove successful in the end? I have doubts on that myself.’

      That’s easy because we already heard her thought process. She fears the Fomorians overrunning the entire universe, noting that they’ve already destroyed multiple races. So she just has to ask question questions: A) Is everyone dead? B) Are the Fomorians defeated/dead?

      If (“No” == A && “Yes” == B)
      moralDilemma = “Worth it :)”
      moralDilemma = “Not worth it :(“


  5. The Biggest Twist Here Is That Aphrodite Has More Authority Than Hades

    Not that surprising. In real-world classical mythology, Aphrodite is much older than Hades. As in, is more of an elemental-tier being than ‘just’ an Olympian Immortal – she’d be peers with Hades’ grandfather Ouranos. Love does make the world go round, after all…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She’s not quite THAT old. She was born around the time Ouranos was overthrown. Wasn’t she birthed from his genitals falling into the ocean or something?


      1. Well, yes, alright. Peers in the sense that she’s an elemental rather than an Olympian or even a Titan like Kronos (who, yes, she’d be around the age of).


  6. My commission request for this one was “Elisabet out doing something on her “time off”, something she enjoys doing not chores that need to be done. (You learn a lot about a person by knowing what they do in their spare time.)”. I did not at all expect to find out about Jophiel.
    The double twist also caught me, so well played there. Though now I have to wounder just have many Seosten there actually are in crossroads and how many planes they each have in motion at any one time.
    Also also, are ALL of the Seosten on earth right now old “gods”? Are there no “commoner” ones around?

    The Biggest Twist Here Is That Aphrodite Has More Authority Than Hades

    Everyone Hates Hades. I really liked his portrayal in Dresden Files, how he’s the only Greek deity that didn’t go off and do their own thing and just did their damn job and the one sketchy thing (his wife) was a case of slander and it was totally willing but her mother couldn’t accept that. I’d like to see more takes like that on him.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. lol, yeaaaaaaah, sorry. I know you requested ‘doing something on her time off’. Hopefully you don’t mind this, since there was really no way that I could’ve shown her without making this reveal, and the reveal itself couldn’t be glossed over. I hope that showing that she/they still do like to spend time checking on her descendants and spending time with each other still fits what you were looking for.

      And yes, Hades in Dresden Files is great. Same for his portrayal in the Percy Jackson series, where he’s the only one of the top three to ACTUALLY keep his word about not having another child.

      Liked by 2 people

    1. I don’t think that’s as damning as you’re thinking. Plenty of people with strongly-held morals will still give them up given the right motivation, particularly love. It doesn’t mean that Elisabet doesn’t strongly believe that the Seosten are humanity’s best chance against the Fomorians. If she didn’t, they probably could have found some other way to be together, e.g. running away (like Haiden and Sariel) or joining the rebellion.


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