Most Dangerous Game 22-02

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There was no question about what happened next. Even as Trice abandoned his own partner with a scream of the kind of bottomless rage I would’ve felt if anything happened to any of the people that I loved, Avalon left my side to meet him with a clash of an energy-blade summoned from her gauntlet against his pike.

And as much as I wanted to, I didn’t move to help her. That was part of our deal. Avalon wanted Trice. That much hadn’t been up for debate while we had been planning this. If all three of them had shown up, we’d had a slightly different plan that we would’ve gone with. But in this case, with two of them, the plan was clear. I was supposed to keep Doxer busy while she and Trice… had it out. That was my job. If things went wrong, there were contingencies. But the truth was, our plan really depended on me being able to pull this off. Fight Doxer, keep him busy. Keep him off-balance so he couldn’t work on the shield. And so that he didn’t notice… anything else.

Two things quickly let me know that Doxer wasn’t playing around this time, that he wasn’t going to let the fight go on as long as he had back during our first encounter when he’d mostly been playing with his food. First, there was the look in his eyes. It was a look that said he was going to finish this as soon as possible. Probably because he figured we’d have back-up coming. Plus, he probably remembered the last fight. So he knew he couldn’t outlast my stamina. The longer the fight went on, the better off I’d be, because I wouldn’t be getting tired like he would.

Meanwhile, the second reason I knew he was actually taking it seriously came as he stalked toward me. After the third step, he reached into the pockets of his jacket and withdrew two small, silver-white… mice. They sat in the palms of his hands long enough for me to see that both were made of metal. They were robots, like Sean’s Vulcan, Aylen’s Sovereign, or Tristan’s Bobbi-Bobbi.  

“What do you say, boys?” Doxer announced with a smirk, “should we show our cute little blonde friend here that she should’ve just made us a sandwich while she had the chance?”

As he spoke, the robot mice transformed, growing into his actual weapons. One became a short-sword with a wicked blade that was jagged on both edges. Meanwhile, the other mouse turned into some kind of gauntlet that covered his left hand. There was a small blade sticking out of the end of the thing with three slightly curved pointed ends, like a grappling hook.

The purpose of that latter weapon became clear an instant later, as the boy extended his left hand. The hook, connected by some kind of energy wire, shot out at me so fast that it would have gone right through me if it hadn’t been for the enhanced reflexes from that second werewolf kill. As it was, I just narrowly managed to jerk myself aside, letting the hook shoot past. Not that it completely saved me. The hook seemed to ‘catch’ on nothing but air, and an instant later, that energy-wire retracted. Doxer was yanked forward off the ground and came hurtling toward me like he’d been shot out of a cannon. He closed the distance between us almost instantly. Even as I realized that he was suddenly there, that jagged shortsword of his was already lashing out at my head with the speed and decisiveness of a snake lunging for the living version of one of those mice.

And yet, I was ready. Not that I’d known about the grapple, but I’d seen the teleportation trick that he’d used in the last fight enough that I’d been prepared for him to abruptly erase the distance. Which meant that even as his sword went for my head, my staff was already snapping up to intercept. Our weapons met with a terrible crash, and the force actually sent me backward.

That was why he hadn’t bothered with the teleportation, because he wanted the additional force that being yanked toward me that fast would create. And it very nearly worked. Between the boy’s own strength and the momentum that he’d built up with the grapple-lunge, I was almost knocked off my feet. As it was, I stumbled a bit, barely stopping myself from falling into the dirt.

Even as I recovered, Doxer pressed his advantage, sweeping my staff down and to the side with a swift motion before driving the hilt of his sword up against my chin in a blow that snapped my head backwards. At the same time, the sense that let me know where every object in my immediate area was gave me a short warning that the grapple was coming back my way from behind. Which probably meant that he was trying to wrap that energy-cord around me.

Before that could happen, I triggered a quick blast from my staff. The end of it was pointed down and to the right from Doxer smacking it out of the way, so the blast knocked me to the left.

Sure enough, I just managed to avoid the energy-cord from the grapple as it tried to snake its way around my blast-propelled body. Doxer had meant to stun me with a quick blow to the chin before wrapping me up in the solid-light cord from his grappling hook. Which would have ended the fight. And probably would’ve ended me as well.

Even as I landed, catching myself on one foot, Doxer’s body was replaced by what looked like a statue made of dirt and rocks. Which could only mean one thing: he teleported. I remembered that shit. Whenever the bastard teleported, he left behind a brief earth, fire, air, or water copy of himself for a second or two. And if he teleported, that meant he was– The thought came to me in time to twist, catching the incoming blade on my staff just before it would have run me through.

Unfortunately, just as I caught the teleporting dick-head’s sword and tried to follow-up, something interrupted by slamming hard into my shoulder with enough force to knock me forward a step.

It was his earth-duplicate, the one that had been left behind when he teleported. Even as I swept my staff back that way, it fell apart. Yet the thing had lasted several seconds longer than the things had when we had fought before. Which either meant he had killed more of whatever gave him that power to begin with, enough to actually hold onto them longer. Or he was just better at using it. Either way, now I had to worry about the son of a bitch making copies that could actually get off an attack or two. Which was just… perfect. Because this whole fight wasn’t hard enough already.

Luckily, it took the earth-duplicate long enough to reach me that the only thing it had been able to do was hit me with a glancing blow before falling apart. And now, at least, I knew about the threat.

And yet, brief as the distraction was, Doxer took advantage of it. He’d already retracted the line on his grapple, and as my staff whiffed through the air where his earth-clone had been, he shoved his gauntlet-covered fist at me. I twisted desperately aside, but grapple blades still drew blood as they sliced along my stomach. An inch closer or a second slower and I would’ve been skewered.

Smiling at my hiss of pain, Doxer taunted, “So, you ready to fall down and beg for a little mercy?”

“Depends,” I retorted. “You ready to fight, or would you like to play some more cheap tricks?”

His response was a swift stab of his short-sword at my already-bleeding stomach. But I managed (barely) to bring my staff vertically into its path, smacking the blade out of the way. Before he could recover, I gave the high end of the staff a quick thrust up toward his chin. His head snapped back out of the way, however, leaving the staff to whiff up an inch from his face. A face which abruptly disappeared.

No, I realized a nanosecond later. He didn’t disappear. He just teleported again, leaving behind an air copy of himself that time. Reacting instantly, I hit the button to trigger the blast from the end of my staff that I had been trying to hit him with, while releasing my hold on the weapon itself. The force of the blast threw the staff backward over my shoulder, and I twisted around even as I was rewarded with the sound of a grunt. The flying staff had smacked into Doxer’s face as he had appeared behind me. It rebounded, and I quickly caught hold of it before hitting the button that would fill the air with sand. I wanted him blind, and preferably choking.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way. Even as the sand filled the air, the dark-skinned older boy gave a quick wave of his hand. As he did so, all of that sand that I’d propelled at him abruptly flew sideways. I felt my control of it yanked away as the boy exerted his own, apparently stronger power.

“You really think we wouldn’t know what your powers are and be ready for ‘em?” he taunted me before whipping that grapple-line at my face from the side. I narrowly managed to duck as his foot went right up into the spot where I had moved, nailing me in the stomach.

He tried to follow up with a forward stab from that short-sword, but at the last second I yanked my staff into the way. It was a bit awkward, and I felt pain from the strength of his blow reverberate back through my arm while nearly tearing the weapon from my hand. But I managed to hang onto it, and the blade itself was narrowly deflected.

Right. He was clearly stronger than I was, even if it wasn’t by as much of a margin as it had been before. He could control sand as well, taking away from my own control. So I couldn’t use that for an advantage. Which meant I was going to have to try something else.

With that in mind, I gave a quick feint with my right foot toward his side, drawing his attention that way. Then I spun in the opposite direction to build up a little momentum.  Gripping the staff in both hands, I brought it around into a swing at his side while the boy was still catching himself from going for the feint. As it got close, I triggered all the power that it had left, sending a massive blast of kinetic force right into the bastard.

At the last second, he saw it coming. Rather than teleport away, however, he took the blast of energy right into his… wait. The kinetic blast had nearly hit him. It should have hit him. But just before it would’ve, the energy had simply… disappeared, vanishing into nothing.

I’d just had time for the W part of the WTF to appear in my head before the boy made a sharp gesture. Suddenly, I was the one hit by a wave of kinetic force. It smacked into me like a runaway train, driving the air out of me as I was thrown backward and into the air like a ragdoll, coming down hard on the ground. That time I couldn’t quite catch myself, rolling in the dirt with a pained grunt. Oww. Okay, that hurt. That hurt a lot.

On the other side of the domed arena that we had set up, I caught a glimpse of Avalon and Trice. Like their fight before, it was obvious that Avalon had to work hard to keep up. There was a deep cut in her left arm from the boy’s pike, and her face was smeared with blood from another cut along her forehead. It obviously wasn’t that deep, but cuts along the head bled so much that seeing her face smeared that way immediately made my heart reflexively drop into my stomach.

This time, however, Avalon was giving about as good as she took. While she had those two cuts, Trice was bleeding from a blow to the nose that had already darkened the area under his left eye. Plus, I could see more blood dripping down one of the boy’s legs through a cut in his pants.

As I hit the ground, Avalon pulled free of Trice, driving the boy back with a quick kick at his face that made him fall back a pace. She followed up not by attacking, but by backing up two or three quick steps herself before sparing a quick glance toward me. She’d heard me fall and took the time to buy herself a little distance before checking on me. Even as her eyes met mine, I gave her a quick shake of my head. No, I thought. Focus on Trice. I’ve got this. I didn’t want her to try to intercede on my behalf. That would just get her caught between both of them. I could do this. If this was going to work, if she was going to have a chance against Trice, I had to do it.

“Oh,” Doxer’s voice was mocking. “Sorry, did I forget to mention that new trick? C’mon, I did say ‘ready for every power you’ve got’. You’d think even a silly little blonde like you could work that much out.”

His amusement was positively grating. “You wanna see it again? Throw some more of that staff energy at me. I’ll give you a better look.” As he spoke, the boy lazily came toward me, clearly stepping more heavily than he normally would just to taunt me with the sound of his approach. “Or you could just lay there and let me have a–”

Once again, I sent a cloud of sand from my staff up and toward his face. Again I was treated to his mocking laughter as he easily tossed the sand out of the way. But that wasn’t the point, the point was to distract him for a second. While he was distracted, my hand moved. With a grunt, I slapped it down on the ground, where a small, almost invisible circle of wood poked very slightly out of the dirt. As soon as my hand touched the wood, I used the Relukun’s power to throw myself into it.

Because we hadn’t just prepared this place with the spell to keep these guys trapped here. Gaia had also created an intricate network of wooden pipe-like structures underground that were connected via various small bits that stuck out, bits that were almost impossible to see unless you knew what you were looking for. They blended very well into the ground. But as a result, I could touch any of the exposed parts and zip through the underground wooden pipes in order to pop out anywhere else.

I used that right then, sending myself into the wood just as Doxer finished throwing the sand out of his face. His eyes had time to see that I wasn’t where he expected me to be, just as I popped up out of one of the exposed wooden bits a couple steps behind him. Before he could do more than curse, my staff slammed into his back as hard as I could swing it.

Yeah, it was still like hitting a brick wall. But that time, the wall gave a little bit. With a grunt, he stumbled forward, before his body was suddenly replaced by a figure made of water. The figure threw its hands up, spraying me in the face with a torrent like a firehose.

It blinded me momentarily, but I didn’t need to see to know what to do. This was an old trick by that point, and he really needed to learn some new ones. Spinning, I barely managed to knock Doxer’s incoming sword out of the way with one end of the staff before snapping the other end up toward his face. His head jerked out of the way, and I quickly followed up by triggering another kinetic-blast from the end of my weapon. That time, however, I didn’t direct it at the boy himself. Instead, I used the blast to launch myself up and forward, providing momentum and force as my feet lashed out to slam into his chest.

The essentially rocket-propelled kick staggered the bastard, making him stumble back. Before I could press the advantage, however, the energy coil from his grapple shot out to wrap around my legs. A second later, my back screamed out in pain as I was slammed into the ground so hard I swore I could feel bones crack. Far worse than that pain, however, was what I felt as the energy-coil crushed one of my legs. The femur  in my right leg snapped, sending a wave of blinding agony through me.

It hurt to breathe. It hurt to move, especially my leg. But move I did. Rolling to the side, I narrowly avoided the sword that Doxer drove into the ground where I had just been. He was mad now, not playing anymore. Standing over me, he retracted the grapple before launching it down. It shot out, straight down at my stomach. But I managed to ignore the pain long enough to jerk my staff up and into the way, catching the grapple against the end of it just before the thing could skewer me.

“Okay, bitch,” Doxer panted a little bit. His foot came down on my stomach hard enough to drive the air out of me, and he raised his sword. “No more tricks. No more games. You’re done.”

“You,” I retorted despite the pain spread throughout… pretty much my entire body, “should really learn…” I coughed, spitting blood. “… to put your toys away.”

He blinked once, sword held high above me even as I brought my staff back up. The end was pointed at his face. And yet… it wasn’t alone. When I had smacked the grapple out of the way, it had gotten tangled up with my staff, until the grapple sat haphazardly on the end of it, almost like a three-pronged blade that had been lazily and poorly fastened to it.

“Wh–” the boy managed to get out before I triggered the last of the charge the staff had. The kinetic blast burst out of the end, shooting the grapple up and forward… straight through the bastard’s throat.

Doxer had time to look surprised, staggering back as his own weapon nearly took his head off. Blood poured from his throat as he clutched at the grapple, trying to tear it free even as he made a  terrible sound that would haunt me forever.

But I was on my feet. Well, on one foot. Ignoring the pain in my other leg, I brought my staff up and around as hard as I could. It slammed into the back of the grapple just as the boy was trying to yank it free of his throat. The force of that blow sent the thing forward, knocking it from his already-limp hands as the blades tore the rest of the way through his already horrifically injured throat.

He fell. Hands dropping to his sides, the boy collapsed, his head barely still attached. He was on the ground, blood pooling all around him as the light left his eyes.

In the background, I heard a scream from Trice. But I was already collapsing. Pain filled my body, and I couldn’t stand any longer. My staff fell from limp fingers to roll away along the ground.

But it was pain that was abruptly replaced by the greatest, most unbelievable pleasure I had ever felt, as the glow of my golden aura flooded the surrounding area, brighter than I had ever seen it. And in the end, the glow and the pleasure only reinforced one thing, one thought that rose above all others. 

Doxer… was… dead.  

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  1. Well, that could’ve gone worse, huh? I guess we’ll see what comes of that particular kill, because… well, something about one of Doxer’s powers seems awfully familiar, doesn’t it?

    Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed that and that you’ll enjoy where the rest of this arc goes. If you get a chance, I’d appreciate if you could drop a quick vote for this story at Top Web Fiction by clicking right here! Thanks a lot.

    And in other news, not only will we have that commissioned mini-interlude about the creation of that very particular ring very soon, but we also have two full bonus chapters to do. The first is the regular monthly bonus chapter earned through Patreon donations, while the other is from a general thirty-five dollar donation that was recently received, which kicks us over the goal for the next bonus. Which means both this week and next week will have extra chapters on Wednesday. Whooo!

    Hope to see you guys back for those chapters, as well as the regular ones. Until then, have a great day!

    Tags for this chapter are: Avalon Sinclaire, Doxer, Felicity Chambers, Flick, Trice, Wait What? This Is Chapter Two Of The Arc. You Can’t Kill A Major Antagonist In Chapter Two! What Will We Do For The Rest Of The Arc?!, Well This Raises The Question Of What Happens To A Heretic’s Animal-Weapon After They’re Killed…

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  2. * After the third step, he reached into the pockets of his jacket and withdrew to small, silver-white… mice. *

    typo: … withdrew _two_ small…

    * I didn’t her to try to intercede on my behalf. *

    Missing word between ‘didn’t’ and ‘her’

    * Standing over me, he retracted the grapple before it down. *

    missing word between ‘before’ and ‘it’

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  3. Wow. I genuinely didn’t see that coming. I thought the whole “doxing” thing would keep him around for awhile. Damn. Good fight, go Flick, and suck it Trice.

    something about one of Doxer’s powers seems awfully familiar, doesn’t it?

    Time for a more in-depth reread!

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    1. Couldn’t say this a minute ago because the tags weren’t in the comment and I only just got on a computer, but…

      Well This Raises The Question Of What Happens To A Heretic’s Animal-Weapon After They’re Killed…

      I was actually wondering about that. Maybe they go into revenge maddened overdrive? Part of me wonders if they end up reading Doxer’s “signature” or something in his killer after Flick absorbs his powers and they attach themselves to her, but I somehow doubt Crossroads and Eden’s Garden would make weapons that instantly become loyal to the opposite side in any conflict between the two. Unless maybe the animal-weapon inventor was trying to discourage conflict or something… Eh, I’m probably overthinking it.

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      1. Couldn’t say this a minute ago because the tags weren’t in the comment and I only just got on a computer, but…

        Sorry, added tags to the comment now. 🙂

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    2. The energy absorption trick that Flick pulled in the future-lude. I knew what was going to happen the moment that appeared.

      Well played though, my predictions were utterly wrong. I think I prefer it that way 🙂

      Liked by 5 people

  4. great job as always. is there some sort of process a heratic goes through to find what powers they have gotten from a new kill? also, how small a piece of wood can flick move into?


    1. Yeah, this took me by surprise. If this can happen then school should definitely have mentioned that “by the way, bad heretics will try to murder you for your powers” as a heads up.

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  5. Finally! Can’t wait for the rundown on what she gets, and don’t you all just love getting sweet, sweet loot from a boss fight? LEVEL UP

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  6. ” “What do you say, boys?” Doxer announced with a smirk, “should we show our cute little blonde friend here that she should’ve just made us a sandwich while she had the chance?” ”
    Me: Oh, a “get back in the kitchen, woman” quip? Weak, so weak and old, Doxer. You need better material.

    “Or he was just better at using it. Either way, now I had to worry about the son of a bitch making copies that could actually get off an attack or two. Which was just… perfect. Because this whole fight wasn’t hard enough already. ”
    Me: In a way though, despite his bravado he feels unable to defeat and kill you without the superior numbers and distraction potential his elemental clones to back him up. A rather subtle message, yet a strong one imo.

    ““Wh–” the boy managed to get out before I triggered the last of the charge the staff had. The kinetic blast burst out of the end, shooting the grapple up and forward… straight through the bastard’s throat.

    Doxer had time to look surprised, staggering back as his own weapon nearly took his head off. Blood poured from his throat as he clutched at the grapple, trying to tear it free even as he made a terrible sound that would haunt me forever. ”
    Me: *Surprisemotherfucker.gif*
    In seriousness, while I would have preferred for him to be crippled yet alive for further interrogation, he revealed some usable bits of intel in his bragging/taunts during the deathmatch. Good riddance to murderous trash.

    “In the background, I heard a scream from Trice.”
    Me: Hm, a scream of pain from Avalon landing a good strike on him or (more likely) him screaming in rage from Doxer being killed? Tough crap, Trice. You started this, don’t be surprised if things went pear-shaped due to tainted intel.

    Also, I’m wondering what abilities Flick will get for killing Doxer.


    1. It wasn’t obvious to me either. It’s one of the most frequently asked questions Cerulean gets. I think this is the first time it’s been made clear in-story that Heretics can gain power from killing each other, though I could be wrong about that.

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    1. He was obviously old enough to kill the Alters he needed to counter her powers, to plan and act on revenge fantasies against her and her friends. Age does not excuse everything and I am simply happy that at least one of Flick’s multitude of mortal enemies is at last done for.
      I just hope there won’t be some brainhaired redemption sheme for her brother à la, “oh my, killing the sadistic murdering little twat just won’t do, the poor boy cannot be held accountable for his actions because some bad things happened to him and now we must help him become a real little boy again!”


    2. I see what you’re saying. For the most part I don’t feel bad at all (beyond a slight bit of disappointment over some narrative possibilities I was hoping to see), but I can’t help but feel a tiny bit of pity. Flick repeatedly calling him a “boy” didn’t help.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Well, that was one hell of a fight scene, and Flick’s quite fortunate that she’s snagged a few extra powerups & has been getting a lot of extra training in, considering how close-run of a thing it was. Still, that’s one less douchebag to worry about.

    However, despite making the world’s douchebag count go down by one and getting what’s likely to be a nice power-up, it’s going to make other things more complicated. For one, there’s going to be the psychological ramifications of having killed another human to deal with, and second, even if it’s clear self-defense, killing Doxer is going to seriously complicate future interactions & relations with the Garden, just when Flick’s starting to get into situations potentially messy enough to make having some contacts there she could get help from something good to have in the back pocket, particularly if the likes of Ruthers turn up the heat a few notches. Not to mention how pissing off some important people at the Garden could make it a lot harder to arrange chances to talk to her big sister. Not sure that even exposing how the Lost Scars have become corrupted could fully fix that potential mess.

    Oh, and the spectacle of a Garden student attacking a Crossroads student & getting killed for his troubles is going to give plenty of fuel for hotheads & hardliners on both sides to throw on the fire, just as Ruthers is making noises about ultimatums to intimidate the Garden into handing Abigail over to Crossroads- certainly makes the odds of that bluff getting called & all hell breaking loose as a result significantly higher.

    “You,” I retorted despite the pain spread throughout… pretty much my entire body, “should really learn…” I coughed, spitting blood. “… to put your toys away.”

    See that Flick’s learning the fine art of combat quip-fu.


    1. Hah, yeah, I was just thinking the same thing. With all the times Flick’s fought people with teleportation like this, a fanfic written after this point with her crossing over to Worm would probably have her totally pwning Oni Lee.

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