Quick Clarification/Explanation

Hey, you guys (and girls). I just wanted to take a moment to explain the confusion over the past couple chapters. Specifically, the ‘Scott is a Pooka/no he’s not/yes he is’ issue.

Scott being a Pooka was something I had planned on from the beginning. He was also supposed to appear a lot more often than he actually did. In that hypothetical version of the story, him being revealed as a Pooka after his ‘death’ would have been foreshadowed a lot more than it actually ended up being.

When the time came in the story for this ‘death’ and revelation, I went with my original intention despite the fact that Scott hadn’t appeared as much as I intended. In my mind, tainted as it was by my own authorial knowledge, his secret of being a Pooka was almost guessed. People had previously guessed that he was either a Heretic or an Alter, then kept changing their minds/going back based on other evidence (such as him not noticing that Calvin was an Alter and Flick not registering him as an Alter when she saw him again). But given the reminder in the earlier chapter about what Pooka are when Flick spoke to Twister that was followed almost immediately by Flick’s conversation with Scott in the next (non-mini-interlude) chapter, I had assumed that the hints were all there.

Hell, I expected people to start immediately pointing out that Pooka being immortal was pointed out in the (non-mini-interlude) chapter right before the one where Scott ‘died’. But again, my own authorial knowledge made me think there that people were a lot closer to guessing than they actually were BECAUSE I didn’t foreshadow it quite enough.

Now, when the original chapter came out, there appeared to be pretty much universal dislike for the revelation. The arguments given against it were compelling, and the readers who objected had good points. I didn’t foreshadow it as much as I could have, it seemed to take the emotional punch of the death away, and so on.

So, given that seemingly overwhelming reaction, I chose to change it, to change my original vision/intention. There are arguments to be made about whether that was a good thing or a bad thing, or can EVER be a good thing or bad thing, but in this case, it was a mistake. I had thought that all the reaction was negative, when in truth, the readers who were fine with the revelation simply didn’t happen to say much, if anything. Why? Because you/they were fine with it. You moved on, and then you came back to the new chapter and were suddenly confronted with the edit that had happened after you moved on, through a conversation that you had no part in.

That wasn’t fair to any of you. I’m sorry for that. And it’s a learning experience. My story is my story. Whether something like that comes off well or not shouldn’t matter. I hope you forgive me this little kerfuffle and let me take it as the, again, learning experience that it is.

So, with that in mind, I’ve gone back through and edited both of the previous chapters. Scott is a Pooka. He did survive. I’m going with my original version, which I never should have changed.

Anyway, you guys are fantastic readers and I’m sorry for the confusion. Now, I’m free and open to discuss the issue as much as you like in the comments below this post. Anything you’d like to say on the subject without clogging up comments on the actual story chapters, I’d love to hear it. 🙂



  1. Okay, so I am obviously among those who dislike the Pooka thing. I’ve explained by reasons why, and they haven’t. As far as I’m concerned, the reveal what Scott was a pooka was not handled well, and that is an opinion that won’t change any time soon.

    Having said that, I look forward to future Pooka!Scott scenes. I think they will be a lot of fun. Despite my dislike of the reveal, I was genuinely disappointed when the edits were made earlier in the week.

    I still think that human!Scott makes more sense, but Pooka!Scott will undoubtedly be more fun. And I think that bit of fun is more important than anything else, even if it comes at the cost of seeming contrived.

    So I’m glad it got changed back.

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  2. Huh. As far as I’m concerned Scott was better of dead – not close enough to us readers to cause that we would really mind and just close enough to Flick to force her to step it up because of his demise.

    But oh well.

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  3. I think being a Pooka thing was good. I was honestly suprised yet a little unhappy because of quick revelation. A little more foreshadowing would be much better (which you already decided to do in future I guess). And there is lots of questions about Scott and you could foreshadow with questions like Scott’s connections to whole issue, who is he working with or he is just a random guy etc. etc.

    All in all, it was a great plot twist and I had fun with it. Only presentation was a little meh because of all emotional rollercoaster which in any other random scene would have worked well. And about this I think in time you should get rid of evidences for new guys . Spoilers are not fun most of the time.

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  4. For what its worth, I was fine with it either way. HE is basically a first draft so there are bound to be occasional inconsistencies that would ordinarily be smoothed over.

    That said, I do like the idea of Scott being a Pooka. It makes a certain degree of sense. Yes it could have done with some more foreshadowing. For example : back in one of Twister’s earlier appearances it would not be too odd for Flick/Shiori/Columbus to ask for a few details about a Pooka’s revival technique. Hell, even right back after the Birthday Arc it would make sense for Flick to enquire with Dare about ways to identify non-alarm-triggering Heretics such as Pooka. Miranda’s Interlude could also be a good place for someone to wonder about the presence of other Pooka. Of the characters from Flick’s hometown, given that we knew one of them was a watcher from Gabriel (Prossor) Scott was the most likely candidate so even just a few conversations in a few places would help slightly.

    Apart from that, I think that the big problem have is the sudden whiplash from dead!Scott to Pooka! Scott with Gabriel just showing up out of the blue with the feed. This might just be me, but I personally find it very odd that Gabriel would give the feed to Twister, wait for Flick to watch it and get a bit confused and then show up to talk. To me, who to my eternal regret does not write this story, it might be a bit easier on the readers if it goes something like: Gabriel appears, Flick has her breakdown against him, Gabriel sits down with her and shows her the feed, explains what actually happened and them segues into the exposition about the Atherby clan. Pretty much the same sequence but just tweaked the order slightly.

    I really do like the idea of Scott being alive for many reasons such as taking a win away from Fossor and giving Flick another person she can trust. But I have to admit that the revelation of Pooka!Scott was a bit jarring, even discounting the lack of foreshadowing. Either way, I’m enjoying the story immensely. Thank you for writing it.

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  5. My first thought when you did the first ret-con was this: Wouldn’t it have been better to ret-con the chapter Scott got shot in, and add some foreshadowing there (i.e. if Ammon’s control isn’t all-encompassing, Scott could, say, trace a “P” on his shirt with his free hand)

    Regardless, I do like one version better than the other, but I don’t think its such a big deal overall which one happens.

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  6. Hello! I don’t comment normally — but I’ve been enjoying the story, am fine with either human or pooka Scott (with minor downsides to each approach) and mostly just want to say… don’t take written reader opinions too strongly. At least: don’t let them get you down. 🙂

    Listen to us where you can (esp if comments are feeding your motivation!); suss out clues from us about what works/doesn’t, but don’t follow us. And don’t worry about strong disagreement with the choices you make in where you take your story. Follow instead what drives you to keep writing, and your own evolving vision.

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  7. I didn’t like Scott=pooka reveal, but I think that changing it was probably a mistake, and changing it back might also have been a mistake.

    I don’t think the lesson here is to necessarily go with your original plan, but that changing things (even if they result in a better overall story) has a cost.

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      1. Good to hear from you. 🙂 Yeah, changing things has several costs, including confusing/upsetting people who were fine with the original version.

        And thanks, glad you like how it’s going.


  8. I liked both versions, but the human!Scott version made the risks Flick and company are running seem more pressing/real. Keep writing the story you want to write, you’ve got a good thing going.

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  9. I think the bigger issue was how the reveal was handled. I remember being confused and thinking it was too sudden and contrived for them to find some kind of video proving that Scott was a Pooka. It would have made a lot more sense for them to think he was human, only for Gabriel to correct them afterwards (during their meeting).

    I thought having Scott be dead made a nice upping of the stakes and making it feel like the dangers were more real, but at the same time, I feel like it would have done too much damage to the competence of important characters for that to happen. The fact that someone so close to Flick–someone she considers to be a brother of sorts–did not receive any Crossroads protection felt like a massive oversight to me, but it makes more sense if Gaia somehow knew that Scott was a Pooka (and thus that assigning some Heretic protection might do more harm than good).

    This incident does drive home, however, just how game-breakingly powerful Ammon is, and why he needs to die. He has far less reason to be the way he is than Bonesaw/Riley did (Joselyn is there as a positive influence, Fossor isn’t always there as a negative influence, he gets some time to himself to do what he wants without being watched or pressured to do something, and Fossor isn’t as good at manipulating people as Jack), and he’s worse than Bonesaw, too (she never got off on killing people, she just enjoyed using her powers creatively…which isn’t too hard to channel into more ethical, productive outlets. Whereas Jack and the rest of the S9 were a constant threat hanging over her head to be evil, Fossor actually has to put some effort into getting Ammon to be LESS evil, or at least less out-of-control-sadistic-killer).

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  10. Personally I am glad Scott is back, the reveal was a surprise to the readers but it was also a total surprise for Flick. We were right along with her on the rollercoaster of emotion and I much prefer looking forward to the future interactions than more vengeance or despair. Flick has enough reasons to hate Fossor already and we all know that conflict is coming regardless. I love this story for its characters and interactions, the dark stuff is important but it is the positive interactions and elements that really make this story a joy for me to read.


  11. Thanks for the explanation, I was lucky enough to read each update in a different timeline so I thought I was going crazy :p

    Put me firmly in the camp of “it’s your story, write it how you want to”.

    With all the memory manipulation going on in the story this meta retcon actually fits perfectly 😉 (see guys, this is exactly what Scout is trying to warn about!)


  12. I think that the right answer is the one you want and since you don’t want your story to be one in which a likeable tertiary charictor is killed off suddenly and grousomly out of the blue(sounds like a bad thing when I say it like that) I do agree that it seems contrived as it is now though, I have ideas about how to fix it but it isn’t my place really.


  13. This sure wasn’t something I expected to read today. Not sure yet if I should be happy you stuck with your original intention after all or if I should be disappointed you changed it again.

    As for the actual content I haven’t read the new 19-04 yet but I do still like the original 19-03 better. The only good thing about the retcon was that it gave Fossor a kill on an actual character, which did help with establishing him as a threat.
    Foreshadowing wrt Scott being a Pooka was never an issue for me. It made sense and you didn’t have to break your own established rules or make up new ones to justify this, i.e. it’s not an asspull. I also prefer not noticing foreshadowing until after a reveal and generally don’t bother trying to figure stuff beforehand as looking for hints retroactively is more fun, but that’s too personal I guess.

    I’m sorry for any stress and/or sadness I’ve caused you.


  14. Hello! I’ve never commented on here before, but lemme say this:

    I don’t really care what you did for the Scott thing, because you write really well no matter what the plot is.

    That being said, I’m glad everybody is happy. 🙂


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