A Strange Thanksgiving 13-04

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“You know, I was iffy on the whole ‘Thanksgiving at a restaurant’ thing,” Columbus announced later that evening as we all emerged from the buffet. “It just sounded wrong. But you know what? Eating like that and coming out of there without any dishes to clean up? Yeah, I think I’m on board now.”

“See? Dad and I know where it’s at.” I nudged my father. “All of the muss, none of the fuss. Or maybe the other way around… Anyway, how many pieces of their pecan pie did you put away this year?”

Dad’s response was a slight groan while his head shook. “Too many. Entirely too many. Why do you let me do that?” he lamented while looking at me with a wounded puppy look, like I’d betrayed him.”You know I don’t have any self-control when it comes to pecan pie. A good daughter would’ve stopped me.”

“Yeah,” I agreed. “But your daughter thinks it’s funny to watch you groan after you finish inhaling it.”

Asenath, who was walking at the back of our little group next to her sister as we crossed the parking lot, spoke up then.“Don’t worry, Mr. Chambers. Thanksgiving is a time to indulge, after all.”

Chuckling, Dad gave an easy nod before focusing on me. “What time is your friend picking you up?”

“Not until nine-thirty,” I explained. “Their Thanksgiving party starts at ten. Apparently it’s this whole big production. From what Koren said, they don’t exactly uh, do small and intimate gatherings.”

Dad raised an eyebrow at that. “Sounds interesting. You’ll have to let me know how that goes. In the meantime, you wanna work off some of that snarky energy by walking home? You could use the time to give your friends a little tour of our fair village.”

“Ooh, call it a village, good plan,” I commended, giving him a bright smile and a thumbs up. “That way they think of it as small and aren’t afraid of the idea of walking. Very smooth.”

Tapping the side of his head, Dad nodded while announcing in a dull voice, “I be good for wording. Big brain, follow many talking things.” Pounding a fist against his chest like Tarzan, he added, “Ooga.”

Shaking my head with a snicker, I turned on a heel to face the others. “What do you think, guys? You wanna ride home, or take a walk and let me show you around a little bit instead? I can’t promise tons of entertainment either way, but hey, at least if we walk you’ll end up getting plenty of fresh air.”

The general consensus was that no one minded walking. So, Dad headed home. Even as he pulled away, Asenath was working her fingers over her phone. It buzzed a few seconds later, and she nodded. “Twister’ll watch over him at the house until we get back.” Looking up toward me, the vampire-girl added, “Don’t worry, I promised to pay her with all the ice cream she can eat for the overtime.”

Swallowing, I nodded. “Thanks. I don’t think Ammon would try anything, not right now. But…”

“Better safe than sorry,” Senny finished for me before smiling reassuringly. “Don’t worry. He’s okay.”

“You know,” Columbus pointed out mildly while digging his goggles out of his pocket. “It occurs to me that, when you were explaining all this stuff back at the school after your birthday, you kind of forgot to mention that you left a couple Strang—errr, sorry, Alters here to play bodyguard for your father. Nor did it manage to come up when we all met Asenath on that Meregan world, or any time after that.” He looked at me pointedly while strapping his goggles on once more and adjusting them.

Coughing, I felt a blush cross my face. “Yeah, well, I thought it’d be better to ease you guys into it. Especially Sands. Telling her a vampire saved my dad’s life was one thing. Telling her I left that vampire and another Alter to watch over him by themselves? That seemed like a longer conversation.”

“You should probably tell her all of it,” he advised. “Better than her finding out some other way. She’s really trying with… you know, all of this. But if she starts to think that you’re keeping secrets about it…”

I’m keeping secrets,” Shiori pointed out. “So are you.” She did a little double-take then, her face suddenly looking worried. “Aren’t you? I mean, Sean guessed what I am, but the others…”

“Wait, wait,” I interrupted, blinking in surprise at the girl’s words. “You mean Sean knows about you?”

“He guessed,” Columbus answered. “Something about noticing how much better Shiori’s been doing ever since she was abducted alongside Miss Strangers Aren’t All Evil, and met Asenath. Oh, and there was that bit where Asenath, Shiori, and I stayed behind a bit when we were all leaving that place.”

To Shiori, he added, “And no, I didn’t tell anyone. The others still don’t know anything about it.”

The other girl bobbed her head, looking relieved as she fidgeted with her fingers. “Good, good.” She glanced up at him, biting her lip. “I know you think it’s silly, because it’s just this cool thing to you. But I… I’m not ready for them to know yet. I don’t want a bunch of people to know about me. I just… don’t.”

Columbus shook his head firmly. “It’s not silly. I get it. It’s dangerous. That—you have to be careful, Shy. I know. I understand. It’s just that the idea of anyone looking at you and thinking you’re some kind of monster, it just…” Trailing off, he sighed long and low. “I guess that was the point of the rebellion.”

Wincing at that, I nodded. “Among other points. But yeah, pretty sure that was a big one. And I should probably talk to Sands anyway.” I thought about that for a few more seconds before shaking it off. Adopting the tone of a tour guide, I gestured grandly. “Anyway, if you all look to your left, you’ll see Flick’s old elementary school, including the playground. Which, for the record, is clearly the most important part of any school. Quite frankly, I think high school in general would be a lot less tense if we all had a couple of fifteen minute breaks to go play on the swings or hang from the monkey bars.

“And right down this way, we have what used to be a place to rent movies. Dad and I used to come here all the time. I remember this one time…”


It wasn’t all sight-seeing. We also took the opportunity to bring Columbus up to speed on what we had found out about Dad’s not-so-little mission for the truth that was bound to attract Fossor’s attention.

We were approaching the house while Senny assured me again that she and Twister had a plan to make sure my father’s investigation didn’t lead him anywhere near anything dangerous. Especially any evil, vicious necromancers. Just as we passed the side of the house to head for the front door, a dark-furred squirrel leapt off the roof before landing in front of us. Before I could say anything to warn the others, the tiny animal grew and shifted its form until the dusky-skinned ‘young’ girl stood there, smirking.

Before the poor boy beside me could react badly, I caught his arm. “It’s okay,” I assured him. “This is Twister, Senny’s partner. Twister, this is Columbus. You know, the guy you just gave a heart attack?”

“Coast is clear, mon capitan,” Twister announced while saluting in Asenath’s general direction. Her attention, however, was mainly focused on Columbus with a rather intense look that was clearly making him uncomfortable. “But where have you people been hiding this scrumptious piece?”

Flushing noticeably, Columbus shifted on his feet while clearing his throat. “Ah, uh, you’re the ah, Pooka then? The shapeshifter. That’s—ahh,” he coughed again, blush deepening. “That’s pretty cool.”

“Mmhmm,” Twister murmured an agreement absently, clearly not paying attention. “Gotta tell you though,” she added with a coy smirk, “the only shape I’m really interested now is right in front of me.”

Okay, that look on Columbus’s face made me snicker. I couldn’t help it. “If it makes you feel any better,” I put in completely unhelpfully, “Twister is simultaneously two, eleven, and a hundred and seven.” Grinning, I gestured vaguely that way. “So if you average them, she’s about forty years old.”

From the boy’s continued expression, that had helped about as much as I thought it would. His gaze moved from the girl to me, and he made a confused noise that almost made me pity him. “Huh?”

“Pooka,” Senny explained. “When they die, they get reborn as a child around age nine with their old memories. She was originally born over a hundred years ago, and she last died two years ago. Get it?”

“Two… eleven… over a hundred,” Columbus murmured slowly before nodding. “Yup, I guess I…” He noticed Twister continued to stare at him like he was a particularly delicious slab of beef and blanched. “Nope. Nooope. Still creepy. Stiiiiiiiillll creepy.”

Shiori was clearly working to suppress her giggles as she put in, “One thing’s for sure.” She held that for a moment until we were all looking at her, shoulders shaking from her own snickers. Then she looked between Asenath and Twister before happily finishing, “This is a very Strange Thanksgiving.”


Honestly, after hearing about what my father was up to, I was sorely tempted to just cancel the trip to Koren’s house and spend the entire break there watching over his shoulder. But not only did I really want to meet my sister, I also knew that if I did let myself give in to that much paranoia, I’d come up with more excuses to not leave home at all, even after the break. As terrified as I was about anything happening to him, I was going to have to trust Asenath and Twister to do their thing. Because, call me crazy, but I highly doubted Crossroads would let me get into any kind of homeschooling situation.

So, after promising my father that I’d be polite and thank my hosts, I left the others and set out to walk down the street. As far as Dad knew, I was just getting picked up by my friend and driving to the next town over. That was easier than telling him that I was about to have a second Thanksgiving in Florida.

There was a figure waiting for me at the end of the street. I slowed until I recognized him. “Deveron.”

Pushing off the tree that he had been leaning against, Deveron raised a hand in greeting. “How was dinner?” he asked before adding, “And your dad. How’s he doing?”

In spite of myself, I asked a little defensively, “Do you really care how he’s doing?” Even before he could respond to it, I flinched. “Sorry. No, don’t… I’m sorry. That was uncalled for. I just…” Exhaling, I admitted, “He’s investigating Ammon’s game. You know, the ‘terrorist attack’? Which is leading him toward Fossor. He’s got a bad surveillance picture, a license plate, some kind of records and receipts…”

Deveron winced at that. “And if he gets anywhere near that psychopath, he’ll–” Cutting himself off, the boy straightened. “Okay, listen, there might be something I can do to help lead him off the trail.”

Shaking my head, I replied, “Asenath’s on it. She has a plan to make sure he goes the wrong way.”

He nodded a little, and we started walking until we reached a small wooded area where Deveron took out his cell phone and made a call. “Jake? Yeah, we’re here. How long is the wait? Fifteen? Got it, put it up when you’re ready.” Hanging up, he looked my way. “Fifteen minutes before the Pathmaker can send us through to Florida. They’re pretty busy today, but Jake owed me some favors so he squeezed us in.”

I nodded, and we were quiet for a few long seconds. Deveron watched me briefly before taking a breath. “And yes, Feli—Flick, I do care about what happens to your father. I love Jos, and she obviously loves him. It’s…” He paused, glancing away before pushing on with a tiny smile. “It may seem pretty odd to you, but I liked all of Jos’s romantic partners. She has good taste. She always did. I definitely wouldn’t want anything to happen to them.”

I started to reflexively nod, like that made any sense at all, before catching myself. “Wait, what?” My gaze snapped back to him, and I shook my head in total confusion. “What do you mean, ‘all of her romantic partners’? Was there some kind of an ex-boyfriends of Joselyn Atherby club or something?”

He chuckled at that, shaking his head. “I wasn’t your mother’s only romantic pairing, Flick. I mean, sure, we were probably the closest. But she had a couple other boyfriends at the same time.” Shrugging, Deveron added, “That’s how a lot of Heretics work. I mean, we live a really long time and we’re away from each other on missions a lot. Having more than one partner is—well, it’s not any kind of rule or anything, and plenty do stay monogamous. But it’s definitely not weird for Heretics to have multiple partners.” Pausing then, he sobered noticeably. “Besides, our lifespans differ so much. We could live hundreds of years, or die early on. Between each person getting different powers and the… dangers out there, two people that get married could die three hundred years apart, or even more.”

His hand settled on my shoulder. “So, you might have two boyfriends that you split time between. It doesn’t mean that you love one any less than the other. It just means… everyone needs companionship.”

My mouth opened and then shut before I whined, “I’m still trying to come to terms with the idea that Mom was involved with you before my dad, and now you’re saying there were even more?”

Laughing lightly, Deveron squeezed my shoulder. “Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I’m pretty sure that every kid’s worst nightmare is realizing that their parents had romantic lives before they existed.”

While I was still trying to wrap my head around that idea, he went on gently. “I’m not trying to blow your mind or anything. What I’m saying is that, I don’t think that the relationship that Jos has with your father is any less important than the one she has with me. He’s your dad. I wouldn’t try to dismiss that or pretend that it wasn’t real. It is. And your father is a good man. Jos wouldn’t love him if he wasn’t.”

Before too much longer after that, the phone in Deveron’s hand buzzed. He glanced at it, then nodded and gestured to the space between a couple trees. “Here we go.”

Sure enough, a door not that dissimilar from the one that had led me from that empty field to Crossroads a few months earlier appeared out of nowhere. It just popped into existence, and Deveron stepped over to open it. Through the doorway, I saw what looked like an old dirty alleyway.

“After you,” Deveron invited me. So, after taking a breath, I stepped through the doorway, instantly traveling from the middle of Wyoming, all the way down to Florida.

Popping out the other side, I found myself, sure enough, standing in a dirty alley. Right behind me there was a neon sign for an adult bookstore, and straight ahead a chain-link fence surrounded an old motel lot.

Oh, and it was humid. God, was it ever humid. It was like being back on the island without the magical weather shield. The difference was especially noticeable going straight from Wyoming to here.

Deveron came through behind me while I was still making a face at that. “Kinda wet, huh?” he teased before pointing. “If we’re in the right spot, the place we want should be about a half-mile that way. Ready to walk?”

“Sure, maybe I’ll be hungry enough to eat something at this party by the time we get there.” I replied. Starting to walk then, I added, “Hey, where’s Wyatt, anyway?”

Setting off beside me, Deveron answered, “He said he’ll meet us there.” Glancing sidelong to me, he added, “His name wasn’t always Wyatt, you know.”

Blinking that way, I hesitated before nodding. “I kinda figured. Like Abigail used to be Koren. So um, what was Wyatt’s name before?”

That time, it took the guy a few seconds to answer. “… Zedekiah.”

The name made me do a brief double-take. “You mean Zedekiah as in Professor Pericles? The… him?”

Nodding, Deveron remained quiet for another moment. “Yeah, he… he was your mother’s favorite teacher. They were really close. So when we had a son, she… she named him after Zedekiah. If she–” He winced, looking away, but I saw that his eyes were wet. “When she finds out what happened, it’s going to… she’ll be devastated. She loved that man like a grandfather.”

Swallowing hard, I tried to find something to say to that. “We’re trying to find out who killed him,” I finally put in a little lamely.

He looked over at me then, but before Deveron could say anything, I pointed up ahead. “Hey, isn’t that Koren’s family’s new place?”

Glancing that way, toward the dark and seemingly empty house, he nodded slowly. “Yeah… except I was expecting a few more people. Or any, really. Where is everyone?”

I shook my head while continuing. “Maybe they went for a drive, or we’ve got the wrong address. Or maybe–” As I stepped up onto the sidewalk, my ears abruptly popped pretty severely. “Ahhh, ow. Okay, I think the whole elevation difference thing just kicked in.” I tapped a hand against my ear. “Gah.”

But Deveron caught my arm, pulling me behind him as he suddenly stepped in front of me. His voice was hard. “That wasn’t an elevation difference,” he informed me. “It was a spell.”

Eyes widening, I stared at him. “A spell? What do you mean, a sp–” I stopped talking as he took my wrist pulled it up and around. My hand hit some kind of invisible wall directly behind us, right on the edge of the sidewalk that we had just stepped up onto.

“Can’t go back that way,” he muttered before looking at his phone. “And there’s no service.”

“Uh, why is there an invisible wall surrounding Koren’s family’s new house?” I asked, already tugging my staff free of its spot on my belt.

Deveron shook his head, admitting, “I’m not sure. But it gets worse.” Gesturing for me to follow suit, he crouched and indicated what looked like a mark engraved in the edge of the sidewalk. It looked like someone had dragged their finger through the cement while it was wet. The design was of two circles joined together at the mid-point, like links in a chain. Both were inside of a larger square, with some runic, indecipherable lettering in the spaces in the square but outside of the circles.

Frowning, I stared at the mark, not wanting to risk touching it. “Is that part of the spell? Can you undo it?”

“It is, but no,” he answered quietly, “I can’t. I’ve heard of it, learned enough to recognize it when I see it, but I can’t do anything with it. Because it’s not Heretic magic.”

“What?” I blinked that way. “If it’s not Heretic magic, then what kind of magic is it?”

His response came immediately. “Fomorian. It’s Fomorian magic.”

That made me twist around, staring at him. “You mean the Strangers that Gaia destroyed an entire state to get rid of? Those Fomorians?”

Nodding slowly, Deveron looked up before rising. “Yeah. Those Fomorians. I’ve heard of a few sticking around, getting cut off from their homeworld. There’s not very many of them, and mostly they hide out, conducting their sick experiments on unsuspecting people. Something about finding the proper potential or something. I don’t know, they’re pretty rare. I’ve never seen one. And they’re really good at hiding, because they can manipulate memories, play them like a fiddle. That’s one of the reasons they were so dangerous, why the Heretics had to cut them off at the source. Because they are nasty, evil sons of bitches.

“And right now, they’re in my daughter’s house.”

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  1. Boom, Shiori dropped the arc title! 😉

    Hey guys, so apparently Flick’s little Thanksgiving vacation isn’t going to be nice and calm after all. I know, totally surprising, huh?

    If you’d like to click right here to renew your vote on Top Web Fiction for the week to keep our numbers up, I’ll give each and every one of you a very hearty simulated pat on the back. You feel that? That’s me, patting you. Unless you haven’t voted, in which case, there’s probably a monster behind you instead. 😮

    Anyway, for those of you that are still alive and haven’t been eaten yet, the tags for this chapter are: Asenath, Columbus Porter, Deveron Adams, Don’t Worry Columbus – She May Look Like She’s Only Eleven Years Old But She’s Really A Centenarian. I’m Sure That Helps., Felicity Chambers, Flick, No One Guessed The Actual Identity Of The Hiding Man – Whooo!, Shiori Porter, Twister

    Liked by 2 people

  2. “When she finds out what happened, it’s going to… she’ll be devastated. She loved that man like a grandfather.”

    I bet she killed him. Think of it, someone snuck in and got back out again, and it wasn’t Ammon. He was her favorite teacher.it was probably either some punishment, or some sort of twisted trade. “Your daughter is safe now, but I’m going to kill your husband unless you kill your favorite teacher. Wait, go in the room and write down who your favorite still-living teacher is, so I know you aren’t lying.”

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Is now when we learn that there was a renegade Fomorian faction that was trying to do the right thing, and that Karen’s other family is half-Fomorian? Karen didn’t remember because of memory magic.


  4. ““Yeah,” I agreed. “But your daughter thinks it’s funny to watch you groan after you finish inhaling it.””
    Me: i will admit, I’d do the same.

    “I started to reflexively nod, like that made any sense at all, before catching myself. “Wait, what?” My gaze snapped back to him, and I shook my head in total confusion. “What do you mean, ‘all of her romantic partners’? Was there some kind of an ex-boyfriends of Joselyn Atherby club or something?””
    Me: Yet another facet of Heretic society that Flick wasn’t fully prepared to know about. It may come in handy if she ever admits to herself that she is interested in relationships with both Shiori and Avalon though.

    “But Deveron caught my arm, pulling me behind him as he suddenly stepped in front of me. His voice was hard. “That wasn’t an elevation difference,” He informed me. “It was a spell.””
    Me: I recall being concerned that something would happen did this visit. I think I can say I called it to a degree, as something’s obviously not right.

    “Because they are nasty, evil sons of bitches.

    “And right now, they’re in my daughter’s house.””
    Me: Oh, Goody. A remnant cell of beings that took drastic measures to get rid of the last time. Definitely called it.

    A tense chapter, I’m looking forward to the next one.

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  5. Wait, I thought that Flick and Koren had access to a full set of reports on the Hiding Man incident. Have they not worked their way through them yet, or did they mess with the memories of the investigators as well? At about this point they should call for backup from Crossroads, I think.


    1. They had no proof that it was a Fomorian, because there are plenty of other options. They need a lot more evidence before jumping to that. Deveron was able to go straight to Fomorian because he recognized the magic rune thing in front of the house. If the Investigators had found anything like that, they would’ve known too.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Nodding, Deveron remained quiet for another moment. “Yeah, he… he was your mother’s favorite teacher. They were really close. So when we had a son, she… she named him after Zedekiah. If she–” He winced, looking away, but I saw that his eyes were wet. “When she finds out what happened, it’s going to… she’ll be devastated. She loved that man like a grandfather.”

    This passage makes me super paranoid that Fossor forced Joselyn to sneak into Crossroads to murder Pericles. I don’t think that’s what happened, because I’ve been getting the impression that the murderer/mole is someone separate from him, but the possibility is in my mind now and It’ll worry me until we get confirmation on who it actually was.

    Anyway, on to less depressing aspects of the chapter. First, dirty old/young lady Twister is best Twister. That was hilarious. And a little bit creepy. If she’s making him that uncomfortable, she should tone it down a bit.

    And then there was Deveron’s conversation with Flick. It was really interesting for a number of reasons. I took that little “do you even care?” moment as confirmation that the vast majority of Flick’s hostility towards him is based on her feeling defensive towards her dad, which is what I already thought. The revelation that Joselyn was poly makes sense but still took me by surprise (I’m guessing Flick will be more willing to explore that route now). Although it seems obvious that Deveron was her “primary” romantic relationship. And then there was that one little moment where the shield went up.

    But Deveron caught my arm, pulling me behind him as he suddenly stepped in front of me. His voice was hard. “That wasn’t an elevation difference,” He informed me. “It was a spell.”

    Yeah. This brings out some feels.

    And then the Fomorians showed up. I’m 99% sure that they were waiting for more Heretic test subjects to show up before setting up that shield. Well, at least now we get to see just what Deveron is capable of when he’s fighting for real.

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  7. On one hand, holy shit, that is fucking bad news.

    On the other hand, hey that solves the romantic triangle pretty neatly. Now that Flick has the idea, to which she doesn’t seem too opposed to, she’ll probably consider it.

    Cool chapter.

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  8. Well, Flick is having some trouble dealing with finding out that her mother had some other romantic partners besides Deveron after catching him checking her father out. Though, once she has a chance to think about it, the thing Deveron mentioned about it not being odd or anything unusual for Heretics to have multiple relationships or even a rotating set of partners might give Flick a way to solve her current dilemma with Avalon & Shiori.

    Also interesting that Deveron & Joselyn were close to the late Professor Pericles, to the point where Wyatt was originally named after him,.

    Plus, seems that Deveron is also worried that Lincoln’s been looking into Fossor, so guess it’s unanimous that Lincoln was playing with fire there & that Senny & Twister’s efforts to divert him are a good thing,

    Oh, & Twister & Columbus might have a thing-

    Though things really shift from the light tone to scary & intense when the gang drops by Koren’s house only to find it apparently empty, and a force-field bearing the signs of Fomorian magic popping up to block them. Considering that not only that the Fomorians borrow some pages from Bonesaw’s book when dealing with humans they’ve captured, and the extreme measures necessary to deal with their last incursion, talk about your brown note moments. They really need to call for help right now if they can, both because not only every moment it takes before they can be stopped increases the chances of Koren & her family being taken away & horrible tortures being inflicted upon them, but also another major incursion.

    And the possibility that the Hiding Man incident could have been another Fomorian incursion in interesting, suggesting another long term threat & dangerous major enemy to go along with Fossor & the Seosten, this one with a particular interest in Koren.

    Shiori was clearly working to suppress her giggles as she put in, “One thing’s for sure.” She held that for a moment until we were all looking at her, shoulders shaking from her own snickers. Then she looked between Asenath and Twister before happily finishing, “This is a very Strange Thanksgiving.”

    Well, even if that was supposed to be a pun, it’s certainly an accurate description of the day.

    Something about finding the proper potential or something.

    Think that’s going to be key to just what the Fomorians are doing right now & the interest in Koren- perhaps a relative of the great Joselyn Aberthy, especially a Heretically-enhanced one has that potential, though wonder what that potential is, why they want it, & why they use such horrific means to look for it.

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  9. You know, reading this chapter, I was expecting Shiori to BE THE WORST PERSON EVER WHAT ARE THESE PUNS HOW COULD YOU TREAT ME THIS WAY!?

    But I wasn’t expecting Deveron to explain that the True Harem Ending is *accepted practice* THE SHIP NEVER DIES.

    That made me all excited.

    And then it all went to hell.

    On the plus side, while I might not have been *expecting* the Formorians, I wasn’t surprised that *something* happened.

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  10. I’m predicting that the next twist is that it’s Kenneth that’s the Fomor and Gerald that’s normal (check Koren’s Mini-Interlude).

    I meant to ask before, but were any of the more recent fantasy authors, esp. Jim Butcher and Terry Pratchett, influenced by interaction with Alters?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. *snickers* It would make sense in the HE-verse, wouldn’t it? As has been said before, humans do maintain some low-level subconscious knowledge of them, which is how we have stories and movies and such that include things normally shielded by the Bystander Effect.

      Liked by 2 people

  11. Is it just me, or does Jocelyn’s genetic lineage attract Alters ready and willing to experiment for decades on it? And, the Heretic community basically hung them all out to dry with their unpersoning and child-stealing antics added to the mix? And, they see no wrong in this?

    Liked by 2 people

  12. So that’s what we saw in that mini-interlude with Koren and her family awhile back.

    Oh geez. I’d hate to think what that Formorian is doing to Koren and her family in their home.

    Please, don’t tell me that the Formorian killed Koren’s dad and replaced him with himself.

    Wyatt or Zedekiah, were are you?

    Flick and your Dad need all the help they can get.

    Anyway, I was surprised to learn that Deveron and Joselyn had an open relationship. Still a lot of people could learn a lot from Deveron about excepting your significant other’s beau with maturity.

    Can’t wait for the next chapter. 🙂


  13. Good discussion/treatment of polyamory here. It’s cool when poly people aren’t depicted as ravenous sex-fiends (though as far as ravenous sex-fiends go, Twister is one of my favorites).

    Liked by 1 person

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