A Few Quick Notes

First, I want to thank all of you for reading. Every single person who reads this story, comments on it, lets me know what you like or don’t like, your thoughts, theories, and so on is awesome. You’re all fantastic. Those people who share links to the story with others are truly amazing.

Second, for those who do not follow the individual forum threads at Spacebattles or Sufficient Velocity (and haven’t noticed on the sidebar), I want you to know that Heretical Edge has been listed on Web Fiction Guide here If you are so inclined as to leave a review or even just a rating (anything you think is fair), I would be extremely grateful. Likewise, following this link will cast a vote for this story on Top Web Fiction. That vote is good for 7 days and then everything resets, so if you continue to like the story, it would absolutely amaze me if you continued to use that link once a week to keep our rank up so that more people notice this little story. If you’d just like to view the current rankings without voting, you can see them here.

Third, also linked on the sidebar is the RSS feed. I do not personally use RSS, so if it doesn’t work or stops working, someone who does will have to let me know.

Fourth, I want to take a second to absolutely thank everyone who has donated in any way whatsoever. You guys are ridiculously cool, and nothing I could ever write could actually express how grateful I feel every single time I see a donation pop in. It’s beyond encouraging, and you have every possible thanks I can give you.

I can’t actually express my thanks to donators in any way better than what you guys come here for, which is more writing. Thanks to our Patreon donators, the current goal for bonus chapters this month is $66.50. Every time we hit that goal, there will be an extra bonus chapter the next Wednesday (if the final donation arrives by Tuesday, the bonus chapter will go up the next day unless there are extenuating circumstances).

This is very important. If you have already donated, either via Paypal or Patreon, please, please, please send me an e-mail at ceruleanscrawling@gmail.com with DONATOR on the subject line. Let me know how you donated, the amount you sent, and your name so that I can make sure you’re counted. Everyone who donates and lets me know who you are this way will be added to an e-mail list so that you can vote on future interlude subjects, class discussions (such as ‘which Stranger would you like to see discussed and likely encountered soon, A or B?’), and other interesting story bits that might strike my fancy.

Now, that’s not to say that I think any less of you if you just plain can’t donate, or even just don’t want to. That’s absolutely fine. I would appreciate reviews, ranking votes, and link spreading as well, and those things are completely free! That much contribution, taking the time out of your day to rate, review, and share this story would be fantastic. 

And finally, I would like to know if you guys would prefer a different theme for this site. A dark one, light one, are there any preferences out there, or should we just leave it the way it is?


One comment

  1. And finally, I would like to know if you guys would prefer a different theme for this site. A dark one, light one, are there any preferences out there, or should we just leave it the way it is?

    I’ve grown attached to the current theme, but if you do change it, I vote for a light one. I’m not entirely sure why, but it just seems to me like a dark theme would be… not wrong or incorrect, but off. To me at least. The tone I’ve been getting from this story is generally more light than dark (occasional detours to the pits of hell like Ammon and his dad notwithstanding). When I read this story, I do get the sense that most things will – eventually – turn out okay. Maybe not great, but okay. I think a lighter theme would better reflect that.

    Maybe I’m reading too far into things. *shrugs*.

    Anyway, I’ll try to throw up a review sometime in the next week.


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