Story Finalization

Thanks for all your insights and thoughts on the story possibilities, guys and girls. You all had fantastic points, and I will definitely be keeping them in mind when this comes up again. Please know that I did read each and every comment, though I resisted responding to avoid turning the vote one way or another.

For now, it looks like the story plot with the most interest is the one involving Flick. So, that’s the one we’ll be going with to start out. For those of you who voted otherwise, don’t worry at all, I’m sure these ideas will come up again (with more written out detail) in the future.

But, pressing forward with this idea, the story now has a name. As I said in the first post, the name Flick was temporary. From now on, the name of the first story to be written on this site will be: Heretical Edge. 

I aim for it to be updated regularly on Mondays and Fridays by 6 pm Pacific Time. The story will also follow the same arc format, i.e. 1-01, 1-02, 1-03 etcetera, up to an interlude that establishes more of the world by following a different point of view before going to the next arc. I enjoy that format because of the way it allows the overall world to be built up without constantly forcing the viewpoint character to witness everything, so I will be keeping it.

As always, feel free to let me know if you have any questions or concerns, and I will be glad to respond. Otherwise, check back tomorrow for the first chapter of Heretical Edge.

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