Month: September 2015

Original Fiction Possibilities

Hello and welcome to everyone who has taken the time to read anything on this new site. I will eventually get around to making the place prettier. For now however, I believe that the most important thing is getting to the meat of the site: the writing. To that end, here are several options of stories that I may write. I will leave the choice of what actually ends up being written up to you wonderful readers. 

You may vote simply by ranking (the names will probably change before the story itself is actually started, but just use the current temporary titles) each story with three points, two points, and one point. Give the story you would like to read the most three points, the story you would like to read second-most two points, and then one point to the story you would like to read the least. At the end of the voting period, which will be three days from the time this is posted, the story with the highest amount of points will be the one that I begin writing. 


In the beginning, there was a planet known as Earth. From there, Humans rose to power and eventually began to spread throughout the stars, forming a galactic civilization without ever encountering other forms of life. Over the centuries, Earth became a distant memory as more and more planets in entirely new solar systems were colonized.
From time to time, one group or another of pirates, rebels, or entire solar systems would rise up against the common government. Twice, the entire civilization split itself in two or three pieces and went to war against one another. There was never full peace for long.

But eventually, there came a time when the most current ruling government held on to power without a significant threat for almost two hundred years. They were known as the Confederacy Of Colonies, or ConCol.

With no habitable worlds left in the easily reachable areas of space, ConCol worked to create ways of reaching further into the unknown areas of the universe more quickly than even their own hyperdrives.

They were able to create ‘jump gates’, which would create containable wormholes, essentially linking two parts of space together. This allowed them to send a single ship out into the void of unknown space at top hyperspace speed for twenty to thirty years. When it arrived at its destination, this scout ship would deploy its end of the Jump Gate, allowing any ship back within ConCol space to use the Jump Gate at the other end to almost instantly reach its new location.

These Jump Gates allowed the ConCol to spread even further throughout the galaxy. By the time the collection of inhabitable worlds that became known as the Reach were found, the spreading colonists were more than three jump gates distant from Earth, an equivalent of almost one hundred years travel via any other method. Those who lived within the Reach were known as Outlanders.

Unfortunately, a fanatical religious group sabotaged all of the Reach Jumpgates, destroying them and cutting the Reach off from ConCol influence.

Over the next one hundred years, life on the Reach planets, similar to the time of Earth’s Old West, continued. There was lawlessness for awhile, but eventually the Outlanders formed their own laws and governments. Things were fairly good, if divided from planet to planet.

Life within the Confederation of Colonies was not as good. Within five years of losing contact with the Reach, humanity encountered another form of civilized life for the first time. These aliens, who called themselves Rudivants, looked similar to humans save for their dark red skin. In addition, these Rudivants all possessed varying types of supernatural powers, ranging from flight to mind control to super strength and everything in between. They were also as technologically adept as the Confederation, and they were decidedly unfriendly.

War between humanity and the Rudivants waged for fifteen years, with the aliens carving out a fairly large chunk of the Confederation, enslaving the human populace there.

Eventually, war between humans and Rudivants settled into an uneasy and often broken ‘peace’, with each side making raids against the other, and the borders of the two continually shifted. Neither could make a serious dent against what was left of the other, however. Rudivants had their powers, but the Confederation had found ways to combat them, at least enough to bring their advance to a halt.

Something had to happen to break the stalemate. But the Confederation lacked resources to push the fight.

Then the Jump Gate Scout Ship the Confederation had sent toward the Reach as soon as the gates were destroyed nearly a century earlier arrived and deployed the new Jump Gate. Suddenly, the Confederation was able to tap a whole new resource: the Reach.

Except… the Outlanders of the Reach were not exactly thrilled about being dragged into this war that most believed had nothing to do with them. They had been fine on their own for a hundred years, and felt as though they didn’t need the Confederation or their war with the Rudivants.

Thus, a new war has risen up, as the Confederation seeks to take charge of the Reach in order to use its resources to defeat their original alien invaders once and for all, and the Reach citizens defend their right to be left alone. Most Outlanders wish to destroy the jump gates once more, thus freeing themselves from the entire situation.

And all the while, the alien Rudivants watch, waiting for the right time to wipe all of them all out. 


For the first sixteen years of her life, Felicity ‘Flick’ Chambers has been looking for something interesting. The only member of her high school newspaper that takes the job remotely seriously, Flick styles herself as an investigative reporter. Her curiosity is matched only by her tenaciousness, and she never gives up when pursuing a story that has captured her interest. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to find interesting stories in one of the most ordinary high schools to ever exist on the planet. That, however, will not be a problem for much longer.

After drifting off to sleep on the school bus on the first day of her junior year, Flick awakens to find herself being dropped off at a place far different than the school she remembers, in a world completely different and far more violent than she has ever seen. Students of this school learn to use their incredible gifts to combat the monsters that attempt to infest and corrupt the mundane world.

Now, Flick must learn to control her own gifts, survive her training, and become the champion that her new teachers believe she can be. But at least she doesn’t have to look far to find something interesting anymore.


One minute, the eight hundred and thirty two students of Granite Cove High School are in the middle of their fifth period of the day. The next minute, every single one of them find themselves aboard a strange alien spaceship in the middle of deep space, millennia away from Earth. The ship itself is one of the most powerful vessels in the universe, hunted by the militaries of at least three separate galaxy-spanning empires. Now the only thing standing between this ship and the despots that wish to use its power to conquer every known race are the students of Granite Cove High School.